Have you seen this anus?

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So to give you a little "back" story - we sell an Edible Chocolate Anus.

The creator of this gourmet treat originally tried to make a cast of his own crevice - the result was a messy and unsavoury affair, never to be repeated...

Some time later he’s waiting at a bus stop, lamenting his failure to a total stranger. The story must have been pretty compelling because later that very afternoon - she went to his house and allowed him to make a cast of her naked anus. The job only took half an hour, and every chocolate anus since has been a replica of this woman’s well-kept ringpiece.

Curious about the process? Take a look at this video (NSFW, unless you work somewhere like Lovehoney). Not only do you get to see the Lord of the Rings in action, but also what his ‘willing’ volunteer must have endured.

Rayna Terror get's her ass cast

Sadly to this day her identity remains anonymous. Anonanus. We demand to know the whole truth! The hole truth. And we won't rest until we get to the bottom of it.

That's enough.

In all seriousness, this woman has absolutely no idea that her anus has been eaten by thousands of people, all over the world. If you donate your sphincter to the dark world of gonzo confectionary - you deserve recognition! She could have joined a rich lineage of named chocolatiers...

Terry’s Chocolate Orifice
Reese’s Creases

...Carol’s Edible Anus?

Short of carrying out some weird Cinderella-style casting of every bunghole in Britain, we fear she will forever remain in obscurity.

If any of these look familiar, please get in touch.

Chocolate Edible Anus

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