Holiday Gift Guide for Gadget Lovers – 15 Tech Gift Ideas

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Our Gift Guide for Gadget Lovers Is a Goldmine of Quirky Tech

There’s a gadget for almost everything these days, so to make your Christmas gift shopping a bit easier we’ve put together a concise gift guide for your favourite tech lover. Is your best friend always complaining because their houseplants don’t levitate? Or perhaps your wife keeps banging on about how much she wants to build her own retro radio. Well, with a little help from us, you will be making their perfectly rational dreams come true.

Great Gadgets for All Budgets - From Stocking Fillers to Showstoppers

Some of the best gifts are the simple and practical ones, but then it is Christmas, so it’s also pretty sweet to gift something a bit extravagant that they would never buy for yourself. After all, no one really needs a 3D pen that draws actual edible sweets, but who in their right mind would want one? In our gadget gift guide, we’ve made sure to include a mix of both so you can choose to gift something that’s useful or just gloriously random. Whatever you go for, you’ll be credited with making their life easier (or more enviable), and if that isn’t the definition of the perfect gift, then we don’t know what is.


Holiday Gift Guide for Gadget Lovers

1. Polaroid Candy Play 3D Pen - £22.99 

holiday gift guide for tech lovers

A masterstroke in 3D potential, Polaroid have used this print pen to create actual food. You can either buy it for a crafty loved one, or buy it for yourself and create some sweet gifts to hand out at Christmas. They’re all sugar free and vegan too, so no one will get left out.

2. The Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Multi-Tool - £8.99 

christmas gadget gifts

Definitely one for the stocking, the Wallet Ninja may be small, but you couldn’t get more practical. Boasting 18 tools including wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, ruler, phone stand, screwdriver and more, it’s hard to believe this little warrior fits in your wallet.

3. Levitos Plant Pot - £89.99

gadget gifts

If you think that there’s a limit to how exciting houseplants can be, then you’d be very wrong. The Levitos Plant Pot uses the power of electromagnetic induction to hover in the air whilst gently rotating. Perfect for full sun coverage, and just generally brilliant to look at.

4. Grip Strip - £6.99 

Grip Strip
A simple but super handy gift that you can drop in their stocking to make their life that little bit easier - especially if they want to stick frying pans to their ceiling, which let’s face it, we all do. The water-resistant Grip Strip will hold just about anything in place so slap it on your dashboard, desk or wall.

5. World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner - £13.99

Holiday gift guide for gadget lovers

Sometimes there are little messes that aren’t worth wrestling your big vacuum cleaner out for. Crumbs on your desk, soil spill around your badly-behaved houseplants, literally any form of baking. This surprisingly powerful tiny vacuum cleaner will have it cleaned up in a jiffy.

6. Build Your Own Retro Radio Kit - £22.99 

Build Your Own Retro Radio Kit

If you’re friends with a fan of the vintage look then this radio kit will keep them busy over the Christmas holidays. Once they’re done they will have a working AM/FM radio worthy of any good Instagram pic. Now can someone bring Terry Wogan back? Pleeeeease?

7. Pearl Boba Tea Air Purifier - £39.99 

tech gift guide

Don’t be fooled by this cute looking character, this air purifier is a weapon against airborne bacteria, mould, dust, pollen, and viruses. It’s also travel sized and USB powered so you can take it with you wherever you go!

8. PlayStation Alarm Clock - £24.99 

Cool Gaming Gifts
This USB powered alarm clock is the perfect gamer gift, and will look badass on any bedside table. It’s also handy for those who are trying to break the habit of scrolling their phone in bed because they “need it” for the alarm.

9. Larq Bottle – Self Cleaning and Purifying Water Bottle - £94.99 

Larq Self-Purifying Water Bottle

This super-sleek beauty is the king of water bottles. Not only does it eliminate 99.9999% of harmful bacteria in your water in just 60 seconds using UV-LED technology (meaning you can say bye-bye to plastic water bottles), it also acts as a thermos, keeping cold drinks chilled and hot drinks toasty. 

10. Take Better Selfies Lens Kit - £19.99 

Holiday Gift Guide for Gadget Lovers
This compact lens kit is perfect for that one friend who’s never off social media. It comes in a protective travel pouch and includes 5 photo lenses including fish eye, wide angle, macro, telescopic, and CPL. They clip on easily for the perfect pic in seconds.

11. Mini Massage Cushion - £34.99 

Christmas Present Ideas
Between sitting at a desk most of the day and then being hunched over your phone it’s not long before we’re making weird noises just getting out of our chair. This portable massage cushion makes a great gift, it even has a heat option that will help knead their pain away.

12. Classic Camera Making Kit - £22.99 

Holiday Gift Guide for Gadget Lovers

This simple, step-by-step kit makes a great gift for your favourite photographer friend or family member. The only thing more satisfying that getting the perfect shot is getting it on a camera you made with your own calloused hands.

13. Mini SubWOOFer Speaker - £9.99 

Cool Gadget Gift Ideas
An adorable four-legged friend who won’t poop on the carpet, this mini Bluetooth speaker is the perfect small and powerful gift. You can even fit it in your pocket, but that doesn’t mean you can blast your 90s rave music on the bus, no one likes that.

14. Tech & Gadget Mystery Box - £36.99 

Gadget and Tech Mystery Box

Without giving the game away, this box is filled with surprise tech that includes four products with a total value of over £70. Okay, it may not be the latest smartphone, but we can guarantee that the element of surprise will make this an exciting gift to receive.

15. Ember Travel Mug 2: Temperature Control Smart Travel Mug - £179.99

Holiday gift guide for gadget lovers

The travel mug to end all travel mugs, this beast is an all-singing, all-dancing portable piece of tech that actively sustains the temperature of your drink. It even has in-built temperature control and a charging coaster for when you’re on the go.

The Firebox Gadget and Tech Gift Collection Does Not Mess About

Our gadget gifts are so good that you might have to talk to yourself over Christmas Dinner as your grateful giftees play around with their new toys. If you’ve still got some more people to check off the Christmas list, make sure to have a gander at our full Gadget and Tech Gift Collection to see even more unique and useful techie presents for your favourite people.

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