Holiday Gift Guide 2021 - 15 Gift Ideas For Top Gents

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Our Holiday Gift Guide for Guys Will Put Hairs on Your Chest

Gone are the days when you would just buy new socks, aftershave and a packet of boxer shorts as Christmas gifts for every man in your family. Gift giving for guys has a come a long way, which is good for the guys, less good for the people who have to buy them presents, i.e. you. With festive gifts ranging from the practical to the hilarious, nostalgic to luxury, where do you even begin?

Firebox’s Holiday Gift Guide To The Rescue!

You begin here, that’s where! Our Holiday Gift Guide for the lads has loads of quirky Christmas gifts that are full of effort and imagination. Whether it’s for your husband, boyfriend, BFF, dad, son, or that weird uncle who never remembers your name, we put the thought into our gifts so that you don’t have to. And we don’t mind that you’ll get all the credit for it, we’re deeply selfless that way.

To get yourself in the right frame of mind, we suggest having a quick wrestle with a bear before taking a naked ice bath. Then, when you're ready, you can scroll our gift guide with one hand, whilst chopping wood with the other.


Holiday Gift Guide For Guys

1. Star Wars Book of Lists - £19.99

Holiday Gift Guide for Guys

Obviously a great Christmas present for Star Wars fans, but also for guys who like lists. If you know someone who loves Star Wars AND lists, well then, you need search no more for the perfect gift because you just won Christmas.

2. Sock Yourself Personalised Face Socks - £19.99

Holiday gift guide for guys

Just because socks are considered a lazy present, doesn’t mean that he has no need for socks. Everyone has a need for socks, you just need to think outside the box a bit to show him that he’s not an afterthought - and these personalised face socks will do that job nicely.

3. Good Morning, F*ckers! Mug - £12.99

Gifts for men

This inconspicuous mug seems innocent at first, until you fill it up with a hot drink and slowly reveal the hidden f-bomb. This is the perfect gift for a foul-mouthed father, or for that friend who's forever complaining about their colleagues.

4. Christmas Pudding Gin Liqueur - £27.99

Christmas Pudding Gin

This festive booze comes in a beautiful bottle that he’ll be proud to put on display. This gourmet gin has notes of apple, winter spices, candied fruit, vanilla and caramel, plus it come in a deluxe gold-foiled presentation box. Ooh fancy!

5. Personalised Beard Kit - £24.99

Holiday Gift Guide For Guys

Talking of beards, if you’ve got a guy who takes care of his facial hair like it’s a living, breathing creature, then a beard kit is sure to please. But anyone can buy a beard kit off the shelf so we’ve made ours extra special with the option to personalise it just for him.

6. Grow your own craft beer - £10.99

Holiday gift guide for guys

Make sure he has a happy hipster holiday with this cute craft beer kit, because the only thing better than other people’s beer is your own beer. Now all he has to do is hop onto an online craft beer name generator and he’s good to go. Ours would be called ‘Cluttered Bungalow’ apparently.

7. Ember Mug 2: Temperature Control Mug – from £99.99

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Is the man in your life forever leaving half-drunk cups of cold coffee around because he’s too busy taking selfies, cutting the grass, or swearing at 12-year-olds in Call of Duty? You should definitely get him this fancy temperature control mug for Christmas this year.

8. The Great British Pub Quiz Book - £7.99

Pub Quiz Book

This patriotic pub quiz book is the perfect Christmas gift. Not only will it give you guys a Christmas Day activity, but it will allow him to flex on his rivals at the New Year pub quiz and win you that dusty bottle of cheap plonk.

9. Personalised Beer Stein - £14.99

Gift ideas for him

There will be no mix ups or beer burglars when you get your favourite dude this 'ale'mighty personalised beer stein. With 60 characters to play with you can add more than just a name. So what obscure inside joke from that stag party in Magaluf circa 2009 is it gonna be?

10. Spreadable Whisky - £9.99

Men's Christmas Presents

You might think that the whisky connoisseur in your life has all the tipple accessories they need, but I bet they don't have this! When it comes to single malt, nothing should be off limits, not even his toast. 

11. Fizzics Draftpour – from £149.99

gift ideas for guys

Give him the gift of the perfect pint this Christmas. This genius machine will turn any can or bottle of beer into a luxurious draft pint, all from the comfort of home. It can be powered by USB or battery so it’s even portable. Heart eyes.

12. Killer Carnivorous Grow Kit - £7.99

Killer Carnivorous Grow Kit

If you’re buying for someone who prefers plants to people, throw a carnivorous plant in the mix to spice up his life. Not only will there be less flies around, but the other plants are gonna develop an inferiority complex and up their game.

13. Sleepy Head personalised pillow case - £19.99

Personalised Pillow Case

There is absolutely nothing over the top about this gift at all. Especially if you and your favourite guy are long distance. Cover his pillow with pics of your face and he will dream of you every night. He will also drool all over you every night, but you asked for this.

14. Double Photo Keyring - £12.99

gift guide for guys

You won't have to compete with the family pet for your man's attention for once with this adorbs personalised double photo keyring. There's plenty of space for both of you on this quality accessory. Just don't be offended when he asks why you didn't use two pictures of Rover.

15. The Small Viking Axe Throwing Game - £79.99

Holiday Gift Guide For Guys

Vikings are the poster boys for manly manliness, so if you have an alpha that you need to buy a gift for, then this axe throwing game will definitely appeal to his uber masculinity. It’s packed with so much testosterone it’ll even make your grandma grow a glossy beard.

Our Holiday Gift Guide for Guys is Here to Save Christmas!

There’s nothing like having to buy Christmas gifts for a ton of people to make your imagination get up and walk out of the room. We hope our Holiday Gift Guide for Guys has inspired you to get something brilliant for the men in your life who deserve the best. Check out our Christmas Gifts for Him collection for more great ideas!

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