Holiday Gift Guide Under £25 - 15 Awesome and Affordable Gift Ideas

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Our Holiday Gift Guide Under £25 Saves The Day

Nothing says 'financial crisis' like Christmas. Every year we promise ourselves that “next year, we’ll spread the cost”and yet each year we wait until the last minute to buy our Christmas gifts and our November pay is instantly obliterated before our very eyes. If you’ve got less Christmas collateral than you’d like this year, then listen up, because our Holiday Gift Guide Under £25 is going to save your broke ass.

A Holiday Gift Guide That’s Affordable AND Awesome? But How?

With a little bit of Firebox magic, that’s how! We firmly believe that affordable gifts don’t have to be average gifts, so we’ve put together a collection of cool Christmas presents that come in below £25 (but not below your loved one’s impossibly high standards). They say it’s the thought that counts, and these quirky gifts will make you look like you made much more effort than you actually did, and all whilst avoiding bankruptcy.

Holiday Gift Guide Under £25

1. Personalised Cinema Poster - £19.99

Holiday Gift Guide Under £25

We all know someone whose life would make a great movie (a disaster movie still counts), so give them the star treatment this Christmas with these brilliant personalised cinema posters. 

2. Original Stormtrooper Multi Tool - £14.99

Holiday gift guide under 25

It’s a known fact that even the most practical item can be transformed into a badass bit of kit when you give it a Star Wars theme. This stormtrooper multi tool is the perfect Christmas gift for the DIY Jedi in your life. May the Force Be With Screw.

3. Jurassic Park Logo Light - £24.99

Budget Christmas Gifts

Pay homage to a T-Riffic classic with this super cool Jurassic Park light. Whether they're a budding palaeontologist or a fan of the films, this 'brilliant' logo light will add some apocalyptic atmosphere to any room.

4. HeadHug Weighted Eye Mask – £21.99

holiday gift guide under 25

According to the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy, the comfort of gentle pressure across your eyes and face can help you relax into a nice, deep sleep. This weighted eye mask does just that, and so makes the perfect Christmas present for someone who needs a bit of me time.

5. Celebrity Prayer Candles - £17.99

Affordable Funny Gifts

Who in their right mind doesn’t want an effigy candle of Dolly Parton? I mean, come on. With a range of celebrities to choose from, your loved one can really make that creepy shrine to their favourite famous person complete.

6. Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planters - £14.99

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas

If you know someone who likes plants, but kills every plant they make eye contact with, then they are going to love this green-fingered gift. These adorable little dino planters are almost impossible to extinct with their felt tongues slurping up just the right amount of water. No effort needed.

7. Personalised Photo Mosaic Mug - £9.99

Holiday gift guide under £25

Gift your loved one your mug on a mug, or any mug on a mug for that matter. With this photo mosaic mug you can immortalise their best memories without having to agonise over which pic to choose, just slap them all on!

8. Mini Macaron Bath Fizzer Gift Set - £10.99

Budget Gift Ideas

A sweet gift for, well, anyone with a bathtub! They may look good enough to eat, but for the love of God don't eat them. This set of 10 bath fizzers will dissolve in hot water leaving a pop of pastel colour and a fresh, fruity scent.

9. Personalised Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin - £8.99

Holiday gift guide under 25

Despite the very nature of lip balm being that you rub it all over your mouth, people still seem to think it’s not gross to pilfer these, especially if left on your desk at work. These cute personalised lip therapy tins will keep dry lips and unhygienic burglars at bay.

10. Two Faced Mushion - £19.99

holiday gift guide under 25

Our Mushions are the most versatile gift, and one that is guaranteed to bring a smile to their mush. You can put their picture on it, your picture on it, their kid’s picture, their dog’s picture. Or if they’ve always wanted to sit on their celebrity crush’s face, now’s their chance!

11. 'If You Had To' Game - £16.99

Good Christmas Gift Guide

Would you rather share a studio apartment with a horny moose or have all of your meals fed to you like you’re a baby bird? Make Christmas Day a lot more interesting when you gift this brilliant game of hypothetical scenarios to someone with a sense of humour.

12. Stormtrooper Beer, Mixed Fridge Pack - £13.99

holiday gift guide under £25

Discover the greatest beer in the galaxy, which includes the delightfully named Lightspeed Pilsner and Situation Normal India Pale Ale. A great gift for any Star Wars fan who likes beer and battle droids in equal measure.

13. Personalised Marmite - £12.99

Budget Christmas Gifts

People who like Marmite seem to be inexplicably passionate about it. They want everyone to know that they idolise a jar of yeast extract. If you know someone who loves this by-product of beer brewing then they will be downright emotional to get a personalised jar for Christmas.

14. Dog Loose Leaf Tea Mug - £13.99

Affordable Gifts

We are a nation of tea and dog lovers, so what could be a better gift than a dog-shaped tea mug? Nothing, that's what. This will be an absolute show stealer at the dog walkers association coffee morning, so make sure to gift it to someone who is ready for that kind of attention.

15. The Mandalorian Desktop Light - £24.99

The Mandalorian Desktop Lamp

Like most of us, you probably underestimate the power of the Dark Side - which is why you need this Mandalorian lamp in your life. This energy efficient light is powered by USB or batteries so you can even carry it with you to the loo if you need to drop off The Child in the middle of the night.

The Best Christmas Gifts on a Budget

I think we’ve definitely proved that your gifts don’t have to cost a bomb to hit the target, but if you need more convincing then head over to our Christmas Gifts Collection where you can filter by price and browse loads more affordable gifts. With the help of our Holiday Gift Guide Under £25 you’ll be smug, not skint this Christmas!

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