Hot Or Hotter: What's Gonna Be Big In 2019

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Who cares what’s not? Let’s focus on what’s going to be hot so you’re not still quaffing Aperol Spritz and going on about The Lion King remake while the rest of us have moved on!

Instant Regret Chocolate:

Infused with a 6.4 million Scoville chilli extract. Yum. There is nothing hotter in this solar system, we’ve checked. (Feeling stupid? Grab a bar - and a couple of pints of milk)

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

We know Killing Eve season 3 is on the way but we NEED a Fleabag Christmas special. Think of all the awkward drama! It’s all we want for Christmas.


The calming green molecule ain’t going away just yet! Weed all about it here.

Cillian Murphy

When he’s not being our favourite Brummie, the handsome Irishman is fighting for survival in A Quiet Place Part II. We doff our flatcap to you, sir.

Staying in

Save a fortune by not going out. House parties were always better than clubs anyway.


F*ck off, Pantone: we’re choosing 2020’s colour of the year and it’s Orange. No fancy hyper-specific hue, just regular classic orange.

Many Saints of Newark

Finally, something to fill that gaping Sopranos shaped hole in your life. For two-ish hours, at least.

Hybrid drinks

Why choose between tequila or rum when you can have them both at the same time?!


Unfortunately for the naysayers, everyone’s still going to be going on about them in 2020! We couldn’t choose between our favourites so here’s a top four: Off Menu, Gossipmongers, Shagged, Married, Annoyed and Blindboy.


Going dry wasn’t enough. Offset the guilt from that five bird roast by treating your body and the animals to a whole month off the meat. It’s not just for self righteous hippies anymore!

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