Housewarming Gifts To Make A House A Home

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Brick Yourself

The people you live with are a right bunch of characters - so don’t slap any old mass-produced IKEA canvas up on the walls. Honour the nutters you live with, no matter what they look like, with something truly personal - like our framed personalised Lego Mini Figures.

Whether they're your friends or family, tell us about them and we'll create a personalised toy version of them and bung you all in a frame together with a hilarious caption of your choosing. You can even take them out to play with, if you're that way inclined. Which, let's face it, you are.

Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

Champagne (or prosecco, for the rest of us who aren’t Mr. Burns) is a pretty common housewarming gift. But the last thing you want to do after a long day of shifting heavy boxes and dealing with surly van rental people is scrabble around for a set of delicate flutes that match and a tea-towel to aid the uncorking.

These Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies are a mess-free and stress-free way to get a little messy and celebrate your new digs. Each box has a different theme and is stuffed full of delicious gummies that taste identical to your favourite cocktails and actually get you pissed! Each individually wrapped sweet has an ABV of 7%, the equivalent of 1/2 a shot of booze. Oh, and they’re 100% vegan too.

So much easier than trying to find that cocktail shaker in the jungle of boxes.

Dino Egg Cups

Nothing says ‘actual grown up human being’ like a set of egg cups - and these are the coolest ones we’ve found. And, believe us, we know our egg cups.

Step back into the jurassic period with these roar-some little fellas, perfectly moulded to hug your boiled eggs safely as you smash them in. They're so tastefully designed that they wouldn't look out of place in a modern art gallery - get a load of those fold details as if they're origami!

Take your choice between Brachiosaurus (turquoise), T-Rex (orange) and Triceratops (white) - or grab the whole lot before an asteroid wipes out our warehouse.

Monster Mushions

Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like a pillowy rendering of your face beaming at you from the sofa. Apart from maybe a monster-sized pillowy rendering of your face beaming at you from the sofa.

And we say ‘you’, but we’ll print anyone you want on one of these massive Mushions. Seriously, anyone you want. Get one for each of your flatmates. For the household pet. A Mushion of your mum. Celebrity Mushions. A Mushion of your favourite delivery man. We’re not going to stop you.

What Do You Meme

You may live with ‘em, but how often do you actually spend deliberate, quality time together? No, that 10 minutes you spend hoovering up a few slices of their Dominos in front of the telly doesn’t count. We’re talking serious fun time, bonding and making memories. Playing something like this game.

Bring the gang together with a teaspoon of competition and an industrial helping of the magic of memes. What Do You Meme is basically Cards Against Humanity but with memes. Simply pair up the funniest caption with the perfect reaction image to win for hours of ironic fun.

Maybe don't get this one if your flatmates are all geriatric though. They probably won’t ‘get’ it.


Still not found the perfect nervous gift to make a new house a home? We feel your pain - may we suggest a cheeky gander at our other homewares? We sell so much cool stuff that it’ll be a bit of a shock if you don’t find what you’re after.

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