How Not To Die In A Heatwave

How Not To Die In A Heatwave

You can’t beat a big fat heatwave. Fun in the sun! Drinks in the park! Swimming! Ice cream!

But also heatstroke, dehydration, heat rash, sunburn, and a myriad of other ailments. These side effects of intense heat may be awful but they’re also avoidable. Swerve those bad bits this year, with a little help from us.

Help, the office is BOILING

We know the office climate is a hot topic (geddit?!) but no matter how much of a cardigan addict you are, you’ll probably be grateful for the sexist tyranny that keeps the air con on a veritably arctic setting when it’s 37 degrees outside. But what if you’re not - or worse, no air conditioning at all?!

Our advice is to tell your boss it’s illegal to make people come in during weather this hot and pray they don’t Google it. Failing that, set your desk up with your very own personal fan. No air con, no problem. We recommend this sassy little number, but we understand if it’s a little too NSFW for your workplace. Failing that, this free-standing fan will keep you just as cool without risking confiscation from your Head of HR.

Booze control

Let’s get this boring bit of advice out of the way early: don’t drink too much! We know it’s summer and we know you’re having a laugh in the sun feeling utterly carefree with your sangria in hand. Things can get out of hand fast when it’s boiling out and your body is already a bit dehydrated. Get crunk, by all means, but be sure to sip water in between each pitcher of Pimm’s to avoid ending up with a hangover AND heatstroke.

Right, that’s enough nagging. Let’s talk booze. Namely fun summer booze. Put down the boring premixed cocktail cans, you’re not going on a long train journey. Unless you are going on a long train journey, of course, which would be fair play. But if you’re in possession of a bit of spare time, why not spend it upgrading your drink game?

These super easy Frose Pop kits come with almost everything you need to make your own gourmet frozen rose ice lollies. All you need to add is a bit of sugar. The end result is deceptively chic looking, considering how easy they are to make. Your mates will be none the wiser that you’re not really some sort of Pinterest-scouring domestic goddess.

Really don’t trust yourself not to end up sleeping in a hedge somewhere? Why not make your very own super easy DIY Slushies? These cups make it stupidly simple. Just freeze the high-tech inner sleeve, pour in your drink of choice and stir to imbue it with that unique Slushie texture you thought was only possible with the machine at your local cinema.

Treat your feet

We all neglect our poor feet during winter, but there’s nowhere to hide when it’s this hot. You may have been coasting by in trainers up until now but with temperatures in the 30s, the time has finally come to brave your flip flops: dry, scaly feet and all. Not the end of the world, but it may not have you striding confidently into the hottest week of the year.

Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum - you take great care of your feet, but you torture them in painful shoes. As soon as the shops started putting out the Easter eggs, you donned your cork wedges and you’ve been putting your feet through their paces ever since. They deserve a break, the poor things.

Good luck getting a pedicure for under £30 at such short notice. Save yourself the frustration and give your feet a bit of DIY TLC, with a little bit of help from this inflatable foot spa. It’s a foolproof way to restore your feet to their former glory without forking over half your savings or signing up to do a Bachelors in podiatry. And it’s actually fun. Sticking your feet in refreshingly cold pink goo never gets old.

Burn, baby, burn

It’s not every year we have such tremendous weather. Make the most of mercury gracing the high thirties and get out there! You’ve got ¾ of the year to sit around indoors watching films so hit the park and soak up that vitamin D before the sun starts setting at 3 PM again. But not too much sun, obviously. Slather on loads of broad-spectrum SPF before you leave the house and be sure to reapply when you feel the ominous tingle of a burgeoning burn.

You know the drill by now: stay in the shade, wear a sun hat, the usual advice... And yet every year you still burn. Make this summer the one where you finally take care of your skin and don’t end up unable to lie down because it stings too much - not least because it’s going to be such an astronomically hot one!

Even the shade is going to be too warm for respite. So we recommend slinging up this Giant Dinosaur Sprinkler. Once it’s set up, this prehistoric beast mists you with a wonderful ice-cool spray to help you relax, even if it’s 20 degrees past your comfort zone. Just remember to apply more SPF afterwards if the stuff you’re using isn’t waterproof.


Right, that’s enough tips. You’re a grown-up, you can fend for yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a bottle of water on the train with you. You’re going to feel mighty parched if that thing gets stuck in the middle of nowhere.

All this advice too dull for ya? Sorry. We’ll be back to our usual fun and mischief next time, we just wanted to make sure all our lovely customers look after themselves during these mad few days of heat. There are more upbeat summer bits here if you feel like you need a pick me up after that wave of nags!

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