How To Attend Our Next Gourmet Giftgasm Dinner!

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Been drooling over all of the beautiful pictures of our Gourmet Giftgasm dinner?

We don't blame you. But we felt bad flaunting our delicious alternative Christmas food in your face without letting you have a taste, so we'd like to extend you an invite!


Key Info:


A crazy exciting six-course meal (with drinks!)


2nd - 4th December


East London

Get ready to #Giftgasm!

Firebox's Gourmet #Giftgasm Supper Club brings together an eccentric six-course menu packed with festive favourites… but not as you know them. From a Turkey Trifle with CBD roasties and Pigs in Bao Blankets, to Glitter Cranberry Sauce and (legal) Crack Cookies, this gourmet extravaganza will amaze, surprise and delight.

What's the sitch?

Taking place between 2nd - 4th December in East London, each The #Giftgasm Supper Club evening will offer forty fired-up foodies the chance to experience a bespoke menu of arousing, hilarious and gasp-worthy culinary and alcoholic delights.

Give us a spoiler then!

Curated by Creative Food Expert Emma Thomas, this gastronomic adventure incorporates some of our signature products such as Raspberry Unicorn Tears Gin, CBD Honey, Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate, Legally Addictive Crack Cookies and a Chocolate Edible… well, you can guess the rest!

And with festive (and controversial) party games to entertain at your table, you’ll be sure to go home full of Firebox spirit!

Cost: £30 a head, which includes six courses, a welcome drink, and main course beverage. A VIP option also available for £60, which includes a 75cl bottle of Personalised Prosecco and a Firebox bag of mystery goodies!

To experience your own #giftgasm, buy tickets here. Spots are limited so secure your place fast!

Please note: This is a six course set menu, but a vegetarian option can be provided. Please choose the vegetarian ticket option if required.

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