How to Makeover Your Home With Personalised Stuff

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Show your favourite person exactly how much they mean to you with a little help from our Personalised range.

Deck the hall with their face from floor to ceiling and beyond - you could even wipe your feet on their face if you fancied.

Bit full-on maybe, but give us a call when you’ve found a better way to declare your undying love.

Here’s how to give your home a complete makeover with our Personalised range:

Keep it plush

Now, you've got options here. Do you want a one-sided Mushion or two-sided? Do you want one of a person or a pet? Do you want a huge one or a diddier one? There's a lot to think about. The only thing you can't do is keep sitting on those crappy cushions you've had since forever.

Plant it - COMING SOON

Give them a luscious green new hairdo with a little help from these personalised planters. It's about time you repotted that poor, cracked up supermarket basil.

Don't get cold feet

Take your favourite everywhere with you, from the moment you get up to the minute you get ready for bed. These socks are the cosiest things ever and the polycotton weave keeps 'em nice and fresh.

Wrap it up

Spread the love by wrapping all of your gifts in your favourite person's face. "Who's that?" they'll ask. "Never you mind", you'll say. Confusion galore! Maybe just wrap the gifts for that person in their face rather than everyone else's gifts, yeah?

If you're feeling super brave, you could even attempt to wallpaper your house in their face like we did in the photos above. Good luck with that.

Mug them off

You've got mugs with your favourite TV characters and Disney movies on, and yet none of your favourite person? Do you even like them?! Invite them in and offer them a cuppa in one of these, that'll freak 'em out.

Sliiiide to the left

Bin those matted house slippers and step into the twenty-first century of leisure-time footwear, featuring your favourite face. They don't get anywhere near as sweaty as normal slippers, we promise.


You've got the cushions but what about the rest of you? Yeah, so your bum/lower back is nice and plushed out but you won't know true luxury until you're snuggled under one of these.

Don't be a doormat

Okay, so this one is a slightly less nice tribute to them. But you can't really have a house full of their face and keep the same old plain cork doormat. It may pain you to wipe your muddy boots on their beautiful image but you'll get over it eventually.


Why stop there? We've got dozens more personalised bits to kit out your entire life in familiar faces, from your car to the bar! Check 'em out.

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