Introducing our NEW Unicorn Range 2019

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Unicorn Day is just around the corner, so we’ve put our heads together to magic up some seriously special new unicorn exclusives for the occasion. Remember, you can’t get these Firebox Creations anywhere else!


Unicorn Blood Gin and Rose Glitter Jelly

You’ve not had toast until you’ve had glitter jelly toast. It’s on another level. One bite will whisk you away to an intoxicating magical kingdom where horses have horns and glittery rainbow manes, fairies grant wishes, and chocolate buttons fall when it rains.

Not really. It’s not actually intoxicating. This stuff is alcohol free so you don’t have to feel guilty about tucking into it for breakfast. And, if we’re being truly honest, it won’t transport you to the unicorn kingdom, but the taste will have you vowing never to settle for boring old chocolate spread again.

AND IT GLITTERS. We’re aware we’ve already mentioned that, but it bares repeating. That's how sparkly it is.

Make Your Own Unicorn Macarons Kit

Got butter and an egg? Then all you need is this kit and you’ll be ready to whip up a batch of exquisite unicorn macarons.

Knocking out a tray of these is as easy as pie - even easier, in fact. The ingredients come measured for you so all you have to do is get stuck in and give them a stir. There’s even piping bags included! You bring the oven, we’ll do the rest of the equipment.

Nobody will have a clue that you used a kit and that you’re not actually a master patissier who bakes for Laduree in their downtime.

Unicorn Socks

Nothing puts a spring in your step like new socks. And a sprinkle of magic, of course. But Primark doesn’t sell sachets of that in packs of 5 for a quid, so it’s a little bit harder to come by than a fresh trainer liner.

These Unicorn Socks are furled into a stunning cone, just like the majestic horn of a real unicorn. Free them from the packaging and slip them on to enter a whole new world of feet-based comfort.

Plus, you’ll legitimately be able to describe yourself as twinkle toes with all the fine glitter embedded in the weave.

Make Your Own Unicorn Balloons

Fancy some fancy party decs, but not got the budget or the skills for one of those posh ass Pinterest affairs? We feel you. Namely because you are the 99% and those craft queens are few and far between. It’s your baby son’s half birthday party, Susan, he doesn’t need a macrame pinata.

Anyway, this kit allows you to put together some seriously impressive unicorn balloons, complete with gold foil horn and cute little ears. It contains everything you need, and it’s stupidly easy to do. For real. We tested it in the office and even the butter-fingerest members of the team managed to put together some gorgeous, party-ready decs.


Hungry for more unicorns? Not in the carnivorous sense, obviously. Check this page out for all of our magical pony products, you won’t be disappointed!

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