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Dads don’t want to be lavished with expensive stuff. Sure, he would be delighted with a vintage guitar, or a bottle of the world’s rarest whisky, or box tickets for the next World Cup Final - but you probably don’t have the budget for it. And he’d be suitably wound up that you spent your entire salary on a Father’s Day gift for him. Mainly because

Save your hard earned wonga and get him one of these affordable heroes instead. We promise they’ll put a big fat genuine smile on his face. Yeah, they’re not a James Bond style speedboat, but good luck getting one of those for under £20.

Beer Chocolate

What’s the one thing better than a pint? A bar of chocolate. Specifically a big bar of chocolate that tastes of Irish Stout, with a real white chocolate head and golden shimmer, like the real deal.

Best bit? He can tuck directly into it whenever you give it to him. It has all the hoppy flavour of beer with none of the booze, so it can’t get him drunk. Breakfast ‘pint’, anyone?

Fcking Strong Coffee

If your dad is more the high-powered executive type, you might struggle with Father’s Day. Most dads would rather watch the football or the rugby or the snooker with a pint in hand, yours would rather hit the cycling trail and then crack on with his endless to-do list.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t still indulge. Our Fcking Strong Coffee is the optimal fuel for his busy day, whether he's attending a silent meditation retreat or leading a board meeting. No matter how concerningly jam-packed his day is, this complex blend of Brazilian and Honduran Arabica coffee can tackle it.

Two-Faced Mushions

Nobody would be grumpy to receive one of our Personalised Cushions - Mushions, to those in the know. This version allows you to put a different face on either side so you can pay tribute to more than one person at the same time. Or the same person pulling two different faces. Or a before and after.

Are you the spitting image of your dad? Put your mug on one side and his on the other. Get one of his baby pictures off your nan and combine it with a recent snap of him looking particularly ancient. The options are endless!

Make Your Own Bacon

Everything is tastier if you make it yourself. Your dad may be a dab hand in the kitchen, but he’s probably never made his own bacon before.

This kit allows him to cure up 3 different flavours of mouth-watering bacon. It comes with everything you need, except the pork. He won’t have to rear his own pig, just pop down the supermarket. In a matter of days, he’ll be chowing down on his very own delicious rashers.

Maybe don’t go for this one if your dad is a butcher.

Never Ending Father’s Day Card

Give the gift of a memory this Father’s Day - he will NEVER forget this card. It looks innocent enough, until he presses the button and it trills a series of farts. A never-ending series of farts.

Don’t worry, the torrent of wind finally ceases after a gruelling 3 hours. But until then you get to watch your dad losing the plot desperately trying to shut the damn thing up. If he tries to press it again to stop it, the farts get even louder. If he tries to tear it open, it sprays glitter everywhere.

Safe to say he’ll remember that special card forever - priceless.


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