NEW IN: Harry Potter, A Clockwork Orange And More!

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Music Cassette Trivia Quiz

Think you know your favourite era of music? Prove it! These fun portable quizzes will give you a run for your money even if you think of yourself as a musical mastermind.

For example, what year did Destiny's Child release Bootylicious? Nah, that one’s too easy. Okay, Leslie Wunderman is the real name of which '90s singer? Good luck with that one, our office is full of ‘80s babies and they were all stumped.

Harry Potter Mystery Box

This Mystery Box is absolutely wizard! Not that anyone has ever used that word as an adjective outside of an Enid Blyton book. But it’s true, our Harry Potter themed Mystery Box is packed full of goodies for your favourite wizard or witch. They’ll be well equipped to head off to Hogwarts with this lot. Now all that’s left to do is wait for that acceptance letter...

Not much of a Potterhead? Don’t worry, we’ve got a Star Wars version too, plus food and drink versions and some extra exciting new types just on the horizon… Watch this space!

Christmas Personalised Socks - Santa

Ah, good old socks. A Christmas classic. The perennial present. Can’t go wrong.

But if you want to go extra right this year, make sure you get them a pair with their favourite person on it… as Santa Claus! By now you know how easy it is to get personalised with us, just upload your photo on the product page and we’ll sort the rest out!

P.S. We’ve also got elf and reindeer styles of these socks for you to personalise. Kit the whole family, flatshare, gang of mates or set of colleagues out with their own special socks!

Clockwork Mug

A fantastic objet in its own right, this mug is the perfect gift for fans of Stanley Kubrick’s most controversial film. Well, unless you’re one of those people who reckon Eyes Wide Shut is secretly some sort of illuminati exposé.

It even comes with a snazzy little hat to keep your Moloko Plus warm. You don’t want it getting cold while you’re planning your crimes and having your orgies, do you?

Bo Peep Lamp

We refuse to believe the Toy Story saga is finally over. They said the same thing after Toy Story 3 and we got a fourth one so maybe if we bang on about it enough, they’ll make a fifth!

For now, we can just gaze at our beautiful Bo Peep Lamp and imagine her running around a fun fair with a Polly Pocket policewoman and a remote control skunk. Sadly she doesn’t come away from the base, but we’re sure if we put a Gabby Gabby doll near her she might feel a little more adventurous.


Ooh, there’s even more new stuff here. We spoil you lot.

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