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Bob Ross's Happy Little Puzzles

In the centre of the venn diagram of calming things lies this set of diddy puzzles. But don’t let the tiny box fool you, each of these puzzles is 300 pieces of mental chewing gum. It’s so soothing to watch Bob Ross’s landscapes emerge piece by piece before your very eyes, not to mention you’ll be so focused on completing it that you forget everything that was bothering you. Anxiety, who?

For Your Consideration, Keanu Reeves

Just why do we love Keanu Reeves so much? This book will tell you why. To be fair, it's kind of obvious. What's not to love? He's handsome, he's talented and, unlike the rest of his Hollywood comrades, has romantic relationships with age appropriate women instead of coupling up with the first taut 20-something they spot when they’re fresh off the plane at LAX. Top bloke.

World’s Smallest Curling Set

Don’t laugh. Everyone’s going to be jealous when they catch you curling during your spare minutes at work. Invite them to join in, there’s enough… curling thingies to go round. Don’t worry if you don’t know the ins and outs of this curious winter sport, the kit comes with an equally diddy guide to all things curling.

Brew Planet Heat Change Mug

You’ve got a travel mug so you’re halfway to saving the planet. But then you get home or to the office and you’re stuck with all these boring mugs. It’s enough to make you want to run out and buy a six pack of fizzy drinks in plastic bottles with that plastic connector stuff that chokes turtles to death! Or you could treat yourself to a mug you’ll truly love, like this one. Why will you love it? It features national treasure David Attenborough and Koko the talking gorilla. What’s not to love about that?!

Peek-A-Boo Hidden Face Personalised Cushion

The only thing better than a personalised cushion is a personalised cushion you can transform into a chic black one instantly. Need to hide that plush version of Channing Tatum you’ve got on your sofa in a hurry? Don’t worry, just swish the sequins down and nobody will ever know. Plus, that swishing action feels incredible. You won’t be able to resist revealing Channing again. Damn you, nice swishy sequins.


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