NEW IN This Week: Keep It Cosy, Clean and Calm

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Every week we’re overloaded with amazing new stuff - goodness knows how you lot keep up! Here’s a top 5 from this week’s batch, fresh on the shelves and already flying off. Get ‘em while they’re hot.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Travel Mug

Don’t let the name fool you. Unlike a traditional flask, this smart travel mug won’t leave you burning your mouth on a magma-hot morning brew. Twizzle the bottom of it to adjust the temperature of your drink to suit you. Not precise enough for you? Use the accompanying app to set your perfect degree level. It’ll keep your tea or coffee (or hot chocolate) at that temperature for up to 2 hours, so your drink will survive even the longest commutes.

It may seem OTT now but when the mercury hits the single digits and everyone else is stuck sipping from their dodgy, inefficiently insulated takeaway cups, you’ll be the one laughing.

Pierre the Penis Slippers

The clocks are going back this week. Lighter mornings! An extra hour in bed! But also it gets dark at 3 PM and it’s getting cold as winter slowly begins to dig its frosty claws into the mild autumn weather. Gone are the languid summer days of lounging around the house without socks on, it’s time to stick your slippers on and snuggle up.

Infinitely more hilarious than your average boring old slipper, this phallic bit of footwear is the only accessory you need to look willy good even when you’re just slobbing about indoors. They were probably featured somewhere in this month’s Vogue. Don’t quote us on that.

Bluetooth Eye Mask

Struggling to get the kip you need to feel your best? You need one of these.

This piece of headgear is a 2-in-one recipe for a good night’s sleep. Combine a plush, non-slip mask that blocks out all light and wireless headphones that connect to your phone so you can listen to anything you want as you drift off and you’ve got the Bluetooth Eye Mask.

It’s so comfortable that you’ll barely notice it. One minute you’ll be putting on your favourite podcast or calming playlist, next thing you know you’re waking up refreshed and restored. Ahh, bliss.

The Chakras Activity Book

With a busy festive season approaching and political turmoil looming large over the country, there's never been a better time to sort your chakras out. Now there’s something we never thought we’d say!

Long story short, there's a load of mad energy inside you that's either blocked or roaming rampant. Some folk believe you need to respectively free and tame those energies. But how? Start your journey to balance with this book of 108+ fun activities to work through. It promises to have you feeling more aligned by the end of it and, having completed many of them ourselves, we can genuinely say it does help you feel less floopy. Not to be Phoebe Buffay or anything.

Grime Slime

Got a grotty phone or laptop? Getting the grime out of those miniscule nooks and crannies is a job and a half. Retire that microfiber cloth and bring out the big guns: namely this tub of slime. It oozes into those hard-to-reach crevices and slips back out effortlessly, retrieving all manner of grotty bits. You’ll be both delighted and disgusted at the same time.

Plus it’s fun to play with. It’s got the most delightful squishable texture, perfect for anxious fiddlers.


Check out more new stuff here! You can never have too many shiny new things.

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