New Year, slightly better you

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New year, slightly better you. Here are six products to help kickstart your resolutions in 2020.

1. Digital Detox!

What better way to go cold turkey and remove all possibility of using modern tech - than with the World’s Smallest Phone! Irresistibly cute and modelled on a classic Nokia 3310, this tiny device is devoid of all your favourite vices. No Whatsapp, no Instagram, no internet full stop!

Tiny Mobile Phone

2. Sleep properly!

Millions of people are waking up (hohoho) to the importance of sleep and the myriad health benefits of getting a proper night’s kip. Forget herbal teas and sleep stories, reteach yourself how to drift off naturally with Dodow’s genius metronome-light system.

Dodow Light

3. Throw yourself into something new!

Cheese? Gin? Horror Films?! Grab one of our many Scratch Posters, slap it on the wall and commit your 2020 to eating 100 stinky cheeses, screaming through 100 horror flicks or sipping 100 whiskies.

4. Clean yourself up!

Believe it or not, most of your belongings are caked in a year’s worth of fly limbs and dead skin. Yummy. Use our Grime Slime to spruce up your stuff and start 2020 with a clean slate. Plus it’s waaay faster and more effective than a boring old microfibre cloth.

Grime Slime

5. Try CBD!

It’ll be a couple more years before CBD really hits the mainstream and our ever growing CBD range is your chance to get in at the bottom! Snack on our delicious gummies, refresh your skin with a face mask or cook up some next level roasties with our High Honey.


6. Stop boozing! Well, temporarily (Dry January)

Dry January is a no brainer - especially as everyone else is broke or trying to be vaguely healthy after eating six tubs-worth of Quality Street in December. So why not use this time of sobering reflection to brew your own beer and prepare for a big boozy blow-out in Feb?! Give our Our Brewdog Elvis IPA kit a try - it’s super easy to use and the resultant brew tastes sensational!

Elvis Juice

Right that’s your lot - good luck!

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