Our Top 5 Christmas gifts under £20

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We're hoping this super quick round-up proves that you don't need to flash the cash to give someone an exciting Christmas present.

We've included something to eat, something to drink (out of), something to sniff, something to wear and something to play!

These are our favourite 5 Christmas Presents under £20:

Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

1. Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

A big part of Christmas Day is about gradually eating and drinking yourself into a sleepy drunken stupor. These edible cocktails from our pals at Smith and Sinclair have crammed this fine festive tradition into one tasty boozy morsel. Each one has a 7% ABV for a nice subtle kick (equivalent of ½ a shot of booze). AND they're vegan - if that's your thang.

Catbus Mug

2. The Catbus Mug

Speaking of booze, we think we've found our new favourite way to drink mulled wine - from the welcoming ceramic belly of the Catbus Mug! It's our 100% unofficial tribute to a very niche (yet stangely well-known) Studio Ghibli character. More importantly he comes with a rubber sealed lid to stop all the alcohol escaping as steam (not sure if this is scientifically true, but someone told us it once).

Fragranced As Fuck Candles

3. 'Fragranced As Fuck' Candles

Mulled Wine tastes divine, but if you're a bored of sickly festive fragrances - you should treat someone's abode to one (or more!) of our alternative fancy candles. Hand-poured from eco friendly wax, these puppies smell sensational and burn for 50-60 hours - that's basically as long as most humans can bear to be around their family over the Christmas period.

Street Fighter Socks

4. Street Fighter Socks

It wouldn't be a Christmas gift guide without a pair of socks. We've already explained why socks are one of the greatist Christmas gifts of all so we thought we'd just pick out a timeless pair - Street fighter socks (or should that be Feet Fighter?). Choose from four kick-ass themes and treat the retro gamer in your life to some nostalgic stockings.


5. Scrawl!

We'll end on a game - our favourite game, Christmas Day or otherwise. Scrawl! Think Chinese whispers mashed-up with Pictionary, for grown-ups. Where else do you get to see a man with brain-freeze turn into a meth addict eating an ice cream? Or an angry BBQ transform into a dancing pie? The game begins with each player taking a scenario card, doodling what it says and then passing it on. By the time your drawing has travelled through the confused brains and mixed artistic talents of your friends – that innocent picture of a 'Babe magnet' has taken a slightly twisted turn.

See, you can get some pretty decent stuff for less than £20 - how is Scrawl only £19.99!?? Bargain!

Need some more ideas? Check out the rest of our gifts under £20.

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