Our Top 5 Mother's Day Picks For Edgy Mums

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Is your mum a bit different? More cocaine than Cath Kidston? More Frankie Boyle than Mel & Sue? We’ve rounded up some goodies to appease her this Mother’s Day. Don’t even THINK about getting her those pastel coloured flowers.



A lot of mums love a glass of the fermented boozy stuff, but yours? She’s not like the other mums. She’s adventurous. She’s extreme. A mere girly bottle of Echo Falls isn’t going to impress her. But this just might.

Winabis is a medium sweet wine blended together with a daring bit of cannabis. Stop, don’t call the cops, it’s completely legal as it doesn’t contain any THC. Who could resist a juicy peach and grape infusion with a sophisticated note of Mary Jane?

It’s worth noting that this stuff can’t get you high. It can get you quite pissed though.

Period Panties

These are hardcore. Worlds away from the boring old black granny knickers she probably uses for that special time of the month.

Give her the gift of a bloody tribute to iconic films and TV shows every month, and show some love to the organs that forged you by giving her these hilarious Period Panties.

They've also got a double layered gusset bit - because even the edgiest of mums love a practical feature.

Sassy Desk Plates

Bit of a boss lady, is she? Make sure everyone in her office knows who the queen bee is with these sassy little desk plates, whether she 'woke up like this', is being 'productive AF', or wants people to 'excuse [her] resting bitch face'.

If she doesn’t have a job, they make a perfect ironic gift for around the house. Just don’t go putting the Productive AF one on the coffee table while she’s vegging out in front of the telly. It might not go down very well.

FK: The Game

Let’s face it, presents are fab but the main thing she wants (other than to have no mortgage and a deep tissue massage from a hunky Brazilian man) is to spend some quality time with her favourite offspring. (That’s you btw. We’re a little bit biased, because you’re reading blog and your siblings aren’t.)

This game is a fast-paced sweary way to pass the time. There’s no fiddling about with endless rules and tedious set-up. You just unbox the cards and start yelling profanities at each other, all while training your brain.

Seriously though, it’s great fun. When else would your mum let you get away with shouting 'cunt' in her face?

Speaking of the c word…

UNT mug

Dunno about this one. It just says UNT. What’s edgy about that?


Bit too left field? Not to worry, we’ve got plenty of safer Mother’s Day gifts over here.

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