Quick-Fire Questions With Fin Taylor

Quick-Fire Questions With Fin Taylor

It wouldn't be a proper interview without a quick-fire round.

There's no better way to break the ice than a set of quick-fire questions. We kicked off our chat with the fabulous Fin Taylor with this lot - we really wanted to include them in our magazine but there just wasn't enough room. You can thank the cheeseboard digression for that.

Do hippopotami lay eggs or give birth? Give birth.

Your house is on fire and you can rescue one object - what do you save? [Borat voice] My wife

What keeps you up at night? When I drink too much alcohol. Sugars kick in around 3 AM and you can’t get back to sleep for an hour.

What’s your ultimate hangover cure? Starting drinking again, that’s the only way.

What happens after we die? What was that thing Keanu Reeves said and the internet went mental for? He said “I know the ones who love us will miss us” and everyone went aww. Other than that, worms eat your eyes.

Ever set anything on fire? No. That would be arson.

Would you rather never be able to listen to music again, or lose the ability to read? Lose the ability to read because of audiobooks. Next question.

Would you give up your comedy career for a million pounds? Yes

What’s your phone wallpaper? It’s a bunch of mates at my mate’s wedding in Tuscany.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen? Several peoples’ Edinburgh shows come to mind but I can’t say that. Pirates of the Carribean 3. I saw it on a date. I walked out and she stayed.

Best part of Christmas dinner? Pushing through the bit when you’re full.

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars? Star Wars.

Least favourite food? Polish.

Favourite band? Radiohead, probably.

Chocolate or cheese? Cheese.

What kind of cheese? Cheeseboard.

Crackers? Yeah.

Grapes? Oh yeah.

Figs? Yeah. Cold meats. Bread. Pickles. Everything.

Capers? No. Come on. It’s not a fish platter.

Snakes or spiders? Spiders.

Why? Part of me feels like I could sort out a snake. I’ve not had to prove that though.

Would you rather by 3ft tall or 9ft tall? 3ft tall because I think there are more people who are 3ft tall than 9ft tall.

Would you rather be bare-faced forever or have to sport THAT moustache forever? Moustache. I would look like that if I was allowed to but my fiancée says I can’t.

Can you come up with an inspirational quote for our magazine? Keep calm and… Firebox.

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