Self-isolation? Self-improvement!

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New global pandemic. New you. We're all in this for the long haul, so we might as well use the time for a bit of good old-fashioned self-improvement.

Dodow Sleep Light

Catch up on a sh*t load of sleep!

With zero social commitments and no more early morning commutes, you can finally treat your brain to the regular eight hours it deserves. Banish insomnia, develop better habits, and learn to drift off naturally with the Dodow Sleep Light. Its unique metronome-light system retrains your brain and, on average, users fall asleep 2.5 times faster. Juuust sayin'.

Vegan Junk Food

Go Vegan!

Has there ever been a better time to experiment? No pressure, no judgement, no meat-gobbling friends to thwart your efforts, no awkward dietary requests at dinner parties. Just you at home, making your own tasty vegan meals!

The Vloggers Handbook

Fulfil your Vlogging ambitions!

It's 2020 and you're still not a Youtube sensation?! There really is something wrong with the world right now. This is your chance. You've got the talent and the ideas – and now you have the time. The Vloggers Handbook is your one-stop guide to creating great content and honing your craft; covering equipment, storyboarding, lighting, editing and much more. Just remember ol' Firebox when you make it yeah?

Position of the Day: The Playbook

Have more (adventurous) sex!

Spending a lot of extra time with your partner?* Missionary and doggy-style are about to get stale reeeeal fast. Shake things up and keep your inforced intimacy fresh with the Position of the Day Playbook. It features 366 different positions and each one has a handy illustration, estimates of calories burnt, props required. and possible side effects.

*On your own? Scavenge what you can and build a sex robot. Good luck.

100 Movies Scratch Poster

Binge-watch like an absolute pro!

Your mate: "Remember that scene in [insert classic film you still haven't seen]?"
You: "Ohh yeah hahahaha it's so good! Loved that bit"

Don't waste your time watching the same old Rick and Morty episodes and start tucking into to all those iconic films you wished you'd watched years ago. The challenge of blasting through 100 movies never felt more achievable! Grab a coin, slap on your favourite streaming service, and let the binge begin.

Just take a moment to imagine yourself three months from now – a well-rested, sexually-gratified vegan film buff and Youtube superstar. Nice.

Struggling to work from home? Or just looking for more ways to make self-isolation fun – head on over to our blog. #SpreadJoyNotGerms

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