Size Matters: Your Guide To The World's Smallest

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We’ve got a big surprise for you.

Well, it’s quite a small surprise actually. The world’s smallest surprise.

We took a shrink ray to all of your favourite childhood toys and most beloved household objects. We even shrunk Pierre the Penis. Nothing was left un-zapped in our quest to minify everything you hold dear.

Now, they may be the world’s smallest products but the range is ironically pretty big. We’re going to talk you through it to save you getting out your magnifying glass and trying to identify all the great bits yourself.

What’s better than a magnifying glass? A microscope!

This tiny bit of scientific gear is the most portable way to see things at 10x magnification. Discover all the messed up whorls and ridges of your very own skin! Dive into the fascinating hidden world of printed ink! Get up close and personal with a fruit fly! You’ll be discovering new species of germs in no time.

Feeling more spiritual than scientific?

How about a bit of luck from a tiny version of Japan’s most famous cat? Legend has it, this mini maneki-neko will bring you or your lucky giftee good fortune.

Or maybe you need more than luck. Maybe you need guidance.

This mini Harry Potter Sorting Hat will tell you exactly where you belong, so you can stop doing all those online quizzes to find out. We know you choose all the Hufflepuff answers deliberately.

Remember when you were little and everything seemed so big?

Throw it back to the good old days in reverse by making all your former favourite toys tiny! Take your fingers for a ride on this genuine My Little (Shetland) Pony, give someone a call on the World’s Smallest Fisher Price Chatterphone, give those lazy pinkies a stretch with Mini Twister (complete with tiny socks to make it even harder!), and test your art skills with this little fully functional Etch-A-Sketch. It’s just like being a kid again, only this time you’re massive.

But it’s no use feeling massive if you don’t sound the part.

Luckily this range even has a solution to that, with a mini microphone to amplify your little voice to the decibel level of a giant. Or there’s the World’s Smallest Voice Changer, if you’d like to try sounding tiny too. Either way, both will help you sing along to the melodious stylings of this tiny turntable, complete with 3 mini LPs that you can really listen to.

We all love mucking about but every now and again you have to put your grown-up hat on and actually get stuff done.

All those tiny chores add up. You know, hoovering up all those tiny messes with a tiny vacuum cleaner, getting rid of all the tiny leaves on your tiny lawn with a tiny leaf blower… responsible adult stuff.

Not too many chores though.

Back to the fun. If you thought the original Rubik’s Cube was hard to beat, try solving this bad boy. This tiny little miniature bad boy. If you’re clever enough to know the original method, you can just replicate it with this one only with more finger action than wrist action this time around.

Be sure to include some physical exercise after all that mental stimulation.

May we recommend a trip to our Finger Gym where you can make use of these tiny little finger-sized weights?

Or get your game on with Desktop Basketball, possibly the only way to get away with shooting hoops at work.

Of course, some things in life weren’t born to be useful.

They were born to be weird. Made to be played with. Pointless, perhaps, but they bring so much joy to our lives. There’s nothing to cheer you up at the end of a long day quite like the smile of a tiny ceramic gnome peeking out from behind the leaf of a houseplant, or the maniacal wave of a Wacky Waving Inflatable Miniature Tube Man.

Glaring at your gnomes isn’t the only way to unwind.

Why not try colouring some tiny pictures on your way home with the World’s Smallest Colouring Kit? Or wait until you get home and bust out your trusty miniature wooden rake and give it a drag through an authentic tiny Zen Garden.

We spent an absurdly extensive amount of time messing about with these little legends.

Sorry, not messing about, we were ‘testing’ them. We love all of them, but one tiny product reigns King: The World’s Smallest Stretch Armstrong. So much fiddling fun to be had. Endless amusement for anxious, bored hands. He’s even more versatile than his giant predecessors. The world’s best, smallest and silliest way to waste time.

You can get your hands on this lovely lot here - make it quick to make the most out of our World’s Smallest Discount - 1%!

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