Stressed About Christmas? This Will Chill You Out

  • 1 min read

Christmas gets stressful long before you attempt to orchestrate the timings of a 12-piece roast dinner and numerous desserts. Take the pressure off and let us take care of the Christmas pudding this year - with a twist!

Our brand new delicious puddings are traditionally handmade and infused with 10mg CBD to keep you chilled out on the big day. It’s truly the most festive way to get a hit of glorious green, without getting in trouble with your conservative in-laws and ending up receiving a caution for possession and getting accused of ‘ruining Christmas AGAIN’.

Just thinking about that is getting us anxious, we might have to get one of the Christmas temps to slip one of these in the oven.

Make sure you light it up this year. We guarantee it’ll be the best Christmas pud you’ve ever had. And if it’s not, you’ll be too chilled out to complain.

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