The Best of the Booze: Top 5 Tantalising Tipples

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For the gin obsessive... The Gin Advent Calendar

The Gin Advent Calendar

Advent calendars aren’t just for the run up to Christmas, that’s nonsense. A bit like when your parents used to tell you the ice cream van only plays music when they’ve run out of lollies. Treat yourself to an exciting, adventurous new shot of gin EVERY DAY from somewhere far flung like the Bermuda triangle, or, er, Kent.

For the snob… Crazy Gin

Crazy Gin

Too ~sophisticated~ for the glittery stuff? Ha. Trick question. NOBODY is above the excitement of swirling shimmer.

But if you want something with a little less showmanship, the world’s first clear lassi AKA Crazy Gin is well worth your connoisseur consideration. This tart floral spirit blends traditional Punjabi lassi with jolly old British gin, vacuum distilled and packed full of exquisite Indian fruits and botanical spices. It’s a trip to India in a glass - minus the expense.

For the joker… Personalised Letterbox Wine

Personalised Letterbox Wine

Funny people are accustomed to (and fed up of!) receiving ‘jokey’ gifts. Plastic tat. ‘Hilarious’ trinkets that are destined for a landfill.

Save them the hassle of a full bin bag with one of these instead. Bung a thoughtful, witty message on the bottle and bob’s your uncle! We’ll do the rest.

For the chocoholic… Not Terry's Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur

Not Terry's Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur

Imagine the chocolatey orangey goodness of an entire sphere of Terry’s finest, condensed into a shot. Now, imagine said shot imbues a tipsy, warm, fuzzy drunken excitement. Too good to be true? Nah.

It’s real, and a bottle full of the indulgent stuff could be yours. We recommend buying two to avoid the disappointment of having to hand it over to someone else without being able to get stuck in yourself.

For the Pinterest queen… Unicorn IPA Brew Kit

Unicorn IPA Brew Kit

Anyone can BUY things, it takes a real maverick to make them yourself. Doubly so when it comes to beer, there’s a reason why those homebrewer people are so into themselves.

The cutest brew we’ve ever seen, this magic little kit from Brooklyn Brewshop allows you to make an entire gallon of pink IPA with drinkable rainbow sprinkles. That’s a lot of beer.

It’s got to be mentioned that the fantastic product of your hard work is supremely Instagrammable. Everyone will be dead impressed. Even the snobbiest beer nerd you know. This sh*t is LEGIT.

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