There are food pairings for Stormtrooper Beer FYI

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You’re a beer snob. You’ve sipped from every bottle of the craft ale shelf of the supermarket. You scoff when your friend offers you a can of Carlsberg. You boast one of the most expensive beer guts in the country. And now you’ve got your discerning mitts on a set of Stormtrooper Beers, quite possibly the best brews in the entire galaxy.

But what do you pair with them? Don’t Google it, that’s cheating. And don’t just start listing all the generic snacks you might find in a pub. (Chipsticks, KP nuts, Scampi Fries, McCoys, Tyrells if it’s a posh place…) And for goodness sake, DON’T say anything! It’s no different to wine pairings - you wouldn’t dream of teaming a chardonnay with goat’s cheese, would you?! (Don’t answer that)

It’s time to make the jump to hyper-taste.

Galactic Pale Ale

This citrusy, earthy session ale is on another level. Truly out of this world, one might say. Galactic, even.

Hold up - what's a 'session' ale? Basically it's a beer that's relatively low in alcohol (3-5%) and can be consumed in large quantities without making you overly intoxicated too quickly - perfect for eating with, in other words! There’s nothing worse than being too pissed to properly enjoy a nice meal out.

So, just what should you eat with this grapefruit, pine and herb scented number? Good news - it’s not salad!

Pour yourself a big glass and tuck into a meaty pie or a pizza - the citrus tang makes a heavenly partner for pastry crust and delicious dough. Ditto that for burgers - beef and bread love this slightly bitter ale. If you’re keeping the carbs to a minimum, some English strong cheeses (e.g. mature cheddar) will pair nicely too. Why not prepare yourself a boozy cheeseboard with some grapes and crackers? Cut the cheese into little C3POs or something to stick to the Star Wars theme.

Lightspeed Pilsner

Let's get one thing straight before we ‘hop’ into the pairings: a Pilsner is a very hoppy lager. They were originally brewed in Pilsen in the former Czech Republic but

Pale and subtly malty, this lager is an absolute classic. Listen closely with your tastebuds and you’ll notice hints of grass and corn mingling in the gently zesty palette of this particular brew. Combine that with a lick of stone fruit and you’ve got yourself a truly unique dependable beer. The tasting notes also mention a touch of resin somewhere in that heady mix. We’re going to be honest: we’ve got no idea what that’s meant to taste like. Let's assume they mean the aromatic kind secreted by trees rather than the synthetic polymer used to make plastics and adhesives!

Epoxy-tang aside, this hoppy hero is a carnivore’s dream. If you’re knocking back a Pilsner, you’ll do well to have some white meat alongside it - that’s chicken and turkey, FYI. For a truly heavenly meat-beer partnership, chargrill it. The food, not the drink, obviously. If you try to chargrill your beer, you’ll just end up putting the barbecue out. Then there’ll be no pairings for anyone.

Not down with meat? Not to worry. Lightspeed Pilsner is also fantastic with curries, regardless of what protein you put in it. Particularly spicy ones. Whip up a tofu vindaloo and you’re onto a winner.


Now you know what to pair them with, there’s no excuse not to get a few in. Make a night of it and binge every Star Wars film you can fit into one evening while you gorge yourself. Or squash the food into the bottle to make a special infusion!

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