These Addictive Collectibles Are Our New Obsession

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Remember the fun you had collecting things as a child? Combine that giddy childhood thrill with your adult income and you’ve got a dangerous hobby. And we’ve got the goods you need to get hooked - spoiler alert: they’re adorable!


Sweet Breads

These sandwiches are irresistibly cute - good thing they’re not edible or we’d have already scoffed the lot! Choose from three different flavours, each in their own little baggie. Just like a real sandwich, minus the crumbs.

Toy Story Enamel Pins

Going to work dressed as Buzz Lightyear may be frowned upon, but nobody will bat an eyelid at one of these adorable little enamel pins on your jacket or backpack. Choose from six of your favourite Toy Story characters, or collect them all. We think you should collect them all. Andy wouldn't want his toys separated.

Smiski Blind Box Collectables

We don’t really know what the deal is with these ones. They’re called Smiskis, apparently, and they’re little bald people who all seem a bit down. Awh. They’re probably just waiting for you to come and free them from their tiny boxes and place them somewhere fun to be admired.

Cable Bites

A collectible with a purpose? Sign us up! These cute critters are so good at keeping your cables in order that even the most boring, intolerant partner can’t resent you for accumulating a veritable zoo of ‘em. They’ll be asking to borrow them in no time.

Sushi Cats Blind Box Keyrings

Are they cats? Are they sushi? They’re both. These cats have been rolled into sushi and they're dealing with it surprisingly well, if their sweet little faces are anything to go by. Every box contains a random assorted sushi cat on a keyring, each with an adorable accessory attached.


We're a tiny bit obsessed with these cuddly cats. Each Purrito is a pretty little pussy cat all wrapped up, just like a burrito. They even come in authentic foil wrapping, just like the real thing! Just without the rice and beans and cheese and guacamole. And with a cat.


If that lot wasn’t fun enough for you, check out our novelty section for more fun!

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