Top 10 Under £10 Valentine's Day Presents

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Rose Wine Bath Bombs

Bathing in wine isn’t as luxurious as the movies make it look - unless your idea of relaxation is lying naked in 2 inches of cold fermented grapes and leaving the tub with a urinary tract infection.

These decadent rose bath bombs are much better for you, thanks to all the skin-friendly, nourishing ingredients they’re packed with. Plus they smell like the real thing, only more floral and less boozy. Rose Bath Bombs - 1, Isla Negra - 0.

Love Heart Socks and Sweets

We’re not really sure how socks developed a reputation as a Christmas present when they’re ideal for ALL gifting occasions - especially Valentine’s Day. Think about it - February is cold, often even colder than December. Socks are comfortable. Socks are cosy. What says ‘I care about you’ more than a practical yet cute little gift that will keep their feet warm and have them thinking of you every time they wear ‘em? Nothing - apart from socks that come with sweets.

These iconic Love Heart socks come with the sweets they were modelled on, and each sock is lovingly sewn with adorable lovey dovey messages, like “Wild thing” and “Hug me” and “Buy me things, you useless bastard”. Oh wait, we made that last one up. Sorry.

Strawberry Daiquiri Gummies

We all love a strawberry daiquiri, but these artisan gummies are even better than the real thing. And they don’t involve leaving the house or having to trek to some overcrowded bar to fight for the bartender’s eye contact so they’re forced into serving you a £12 thimble of strawberry with a drop of rum on the top.

Outrageously delicious, each one of these sweets condenses an entire cocktail into a decadently soft, sugar-encrusted gem of pink - minus the hangover. Yes, these little stars are 100% booze free.

Spreadable Pornstar Martini

Treat your lover to breakfast in bed this Valentine’s day - but hold the boring old regular marmalade and top their toast with this instead.

Pop off the lid and say hello to an entire jar of exquisite, exotic, award-winning vodka passion fruit preserve. There are so many options with this stuff: smear it on a bagel or bake them something special with it, stir it into a cocktail or just lick it off each other. Thank goodness there’s so much of it in there, you’re gonna get through it mighty quick.

Unicorn Chocolate

Want something a bit more exciting than the sort of chocolate you find on special offer by the tills at WH Smith? Of course you do. You can’t get your sweetheart a giant bar of Galaxy or a big, dented box of Lindt Lindors every year, they’re onto you by now.

Our magical Unicorn Chocolate is something a bit different. Rip open the nostalgic silver foil to discover a block of Belgian white chocolate marbled with pink and blue bubblegum flavour swirls, punctuated by popping candy, rainbow sprinkles and topped with an edible pearlescent shimmer. Phew. Typing all that was hard work. Time for some chocolate.

I Fcking Love You Gift Wrap

As if your lavish gifts and unrelenting compliments didn’t make it clear, you fcking love them. That sounds ridiculous but sometimes, amidst the chaos of life, we forget to let the people we love know that we do, in fact, fcking love them. You can say it, you can message it, you can tattoo it on yourself, but there is no better way to really hammer it in than to wrap their prezzies in it. Unmissable. Unignorable. Unresistible. Irresistible. Whatever.

Enamel Pins

Valentine's Day isn't really a big spender kind of occasion anyway. Well, a nice meal out wouldn’t go amiss but you don’t need diamonds to impress. Maybe something a bit more affordable, like enamel.

These gorgeous little pins were designed and made by us, and we're a little bit proud of them. Choose from five different designs, all for £5.99 each. They’re even a bit bigger than the average pin, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. Or a lot of pin for their collection.


It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a bit of cuddly toy action, would it? Yeah, yeah, it’s a cliche, but people love having something cute to snuggle - as if you didn’t tick both of those boxes for them already.

They probably know who Pusheen is by now, unless they’re some sort of internet-shunning luddite who hates adorable things. Regardless, one hold of this Pusheen plushie and you’ll thaw the ice in their heart. Look at her tail! Look at her WHISKERS!!!!! You can’t really go wrong with this one.

Oh K Bubble Mask

Gone are the days of needing to make it rain if you want nice skin. There are so many affordable paths to a flawless face these days and, thanks to planes, trains and automobiles, we’ve got access to overseas skincare, too. And the Koreans know a thing or two about a perfect complexion.

Take this bubble mask, for example. From skincare experts Oh-K!, this slightly creepy looking insta-famous sheet transforms into a sea of exfoliating bubbles to cleanse you of your dead epidermal layer, freeing the nice glowy new skin underneath and leaving you facially fresh and rejuvenated. Expert grade skincare for less than a tenner? Sounds good to us!

Cheese on Toast Popcorn

Food-based Valentine’s Day gifts usually focus on chocolate, but what if your partner is more of a savory kinda human? Don’t leave them out, and don’t force them through a Toblerone just so that you get to eat half. A bag of this stuff will sort them out.

This is no ordinary popcorn. More luxurious than the microwavable stuff, this is a bag of cheese on toast flavoured popcorn from expert corn-poppers Joe & Seph. Each kernel is rolled in toasted cheddar with a sweet and savoury seasoning for an utterly addictive crunch. And the bag is generously sized, so you can make it last - not that you’ll be able to resist the temptation.


Fancy spending a little bit more on your special one? Ooh, get you. Hope they know how lucky they are. Check out the rest of our V-day gifts for dozens more ideas.

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