Top 5 Gifts For Her - Christmas Picks

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Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

Christmas is the perfect time for cocktails, but also… not the perfect time for cocktails? Let us explain. You’ve got enough time to lavish in the luxury of your bartender-ial brilliance, taking it slow and cutting up a twizzly bit of lemon peel as a garnish. Nice.

But also who can be arsed with trudging back and forth between the busy kitchen and the settee, making fiddly cocktails in between? - not to mention all of the requests from envious family members, watching you quaff your cocktail while they sip their watered down Bailey’s.

Luckily you don’t have to worry about that any more. Tip that tray of liqueur chocolates into the bin and unbox these lovelies instead. Booze and sweets have rarely mixed well, but the geniuses at Smith & Sinclair have done the impossible and made some truly INCREDIBLE artisan gummies, infused with all the flavours and almost all the booze of your favourite cocktails.

Each one is a firm but soft roundel of exquisite gummy, frosted with delicate sugar crystals and individually wrapped to maintain that fabulous freshness - and did we mention that each one has a 7% ABV? They really will get you pissed if you eat too many, so watch it.

Hatching Virtual Pet Candle

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. But a Tamagotchi? They’re for until the little battery runs out and you have to try and order another one online because your local supermarket doesn’t do those strange round flat ones in the right voltage but it turns out they’re like £15 and you’re not sure it’s worth it and it was beginning to get on your tits a bit anyway and you hadn’t even unlocked a particularly good character so is there really much point? Oh, the ‘90s. A simpler, better time.

Relive the fun of a Tamagotchi without any of the associated stresses or worrying about dropping it down the toilet with this 100% unofficial Hatching Virtual Pet Candle. Burn down the adorable exterior to reveal one of three familiar faces inside - which of them will you get? The one bearing a resemblance to Mametchi? Or the little green “Kuchipatchi”? It’s a mystery! You’ll have to buy one and melt it to find out.

P.S. Yes, we know Mimitchi is upside down. The photographer was a bit too young to remember the original Tamagotchi characters. We like to think he’s just doing a handstand, showing off for all of our fantastic customers. Awww.

The Gin Advent Calendar

Okay, so this is a little bit cheeky. We’re well into the swing of the month of advent, plowing down our little doors on the regular. And tradition dictates that you start busting open said doors from the 1st December onwards - HOWEVER: tradition also says that advent calendars should contain biblical imagery instead of chocolate - and definitely not booze. So… y’know… you might want to abandon that whole tradition thing.

Ah, that’s better, isn’t it? Free from the constraints of rules! That means you can gift a VIW (Very Important Woman) this Gin Advent Calendar for Christmas. Let’s be real, there’s no reason why you can’t indulge in a dram of exotic new booze any other day of the year.

Behind the doors are 24 hand-picked gins, each one individually labelled in a wax-sealed bottle. There’s a seriously wide range to discover in this gift set, from rare artisanal gins to popular market-leaders; well-known award-winners and exciting new releases. Perfect for the gin connoisseur in your life.

Maybe hold off on this one if the lady in question is doing Dry January. Or has a liver problem.

Llama Lap Warmer

The cold temperatures of winter seem tolerable when Christmas and New Year are right around the corner - but the aftermath, when there’s nothing to look forward to but Valentine’s Day, can be grim. When Jack Frost has descended upon your neck of the woods in January, that bobbly £5 fleece blanket you got from Primark just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

Giving warming Christmas gifts is a cliche, but a good one - who wouldn’t appreciate the gift of heat when the bitter wind is howling at your window? Yeah, you could just pay their gas bill for the year, but that’s nowhere near as cute as this little guy.

This llama has both soul and body warming capabilities - we defy you to stare into his adorable little eyes and tell us you don’t want to cuddle him close and protect him for all eternity. Stick him in the microwave for a bit and he’ll come out toasty, primed and ready to sit pretty on your lap and keep you cosy through the coldest months of the year.

Eat A Dick

When we said this is a gift guide for ‘her’, we didn’t really specify what exactly that meant. And, of course, all of these gifts could equally delight any lads or gender non conforming folk in your life. But you might want to double check that they’ve got a sense of humour before you give them this for Christmas - we’re not entirely sure your uptight boss or grumpy old auntie will appreciate unboxing a majestic chocolate dong in front of everyone!

However, if you know they’re up for a laugh, sling one of these their way. It’s so nicely packaged that you don’t even have to wrap it - with that lovely box in their hands, they’ll be none the wiser that a horribly realistic chocolate dick lies beneath its cardboard walls. When was the last time you truly surprised somebody for Christmas? We can guarantee that nobody you know will have asked you for this, leaving the glory of being a fantastic gifter all for yourself. You’re welcome.

It certainly beats that last minute Hotel Chocolat set you were going to pick them up on the way into work - and tastes just as exquisite for half the price, while simultaneously packing a good laugh in. Perfect.


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