Top 5 Gifts For Retro Gaming Experts

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Commodore 64 Mini

Something about Christmas makes us feel nostalgic. Could it be that you’ve got the family back together? Or maybe there’s something about opening gifts from your mum that brings out your inner 8 year old.

Double up on the time-travel effect with the incredible Commodore 64 Mini. This miniature, modern version of the world's bestselling home computer allows you to relive your childhood with 64 of your favourite retro games built in! (Click here and then click More detail and specification to inspect the full selection for yourself)

It’s stupidly easy to set up, just plug and play - perfect for getting out of boring Christmas Day activities like ‘talking to your uncle’ and ‘doing the dishes’.

Game Boy Alarm Clock

The Christmas holidays have to end eventually, the daily lie-ins and endless cold turkey and stuffing sandwiches can’t go on forever. Back to the shrill wails of the smartphone alarm tones and soggy cornflakes.

Or you could brighten someone’s new year with this snazzy Game Boy Alarm Clock! This officially licensed perfect replica of a Game Boy is pretty much the only way to make getting out of bed on a cold January morning any easier - it even plays some seriously nostalgic Super Mario Land alarm tunes.

We can’t promise to do anything about the cornflake situation though. Sorry.

100 Games Scratch Poster

Perhaps they’re a Megadrive devotee, a PC gaming expert, or maybe they’re a proud member of the Ninty4Life squad - either way, they probably could do with broadening their gaming horizons.

Okay, so they’re allowed to play through the latest triple A game they got for Christmas first, but after that they have to get to work on scratching off this poster of 100 iconic titles. There’s a few modern ones mixed in, but most of them are good ol’ fashioned classics - and not just the obvious ones either.

Or your mission to expand the limits of their taste range could backfire as they spend all of Boxing Day playing Simpsons Hit And Run. We reckon it’s worth that risk.

Street Fighter Socks

Oh, Street Fighter. Is there any better retro fighting franchise? (Don’t say Punch Out!!, nobody likes a smart-ass)

Socks are an acceptable Christmas gift again these days - see our sock gift guide for more on that, wink wink. Keep the gaming geek in your life warm and cosy throughout the bitter winter ahead with these snazzy Street Fighter numbers. Choose from Ryu Vs Ken, Guile Vs Blanka, or a medley of the others (that Ryu is also centre stage on, what an attention hog!)

Bit gutted that there’s no Chun Li option, but you can’t have it all.

Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps

If socks are acceptable gift material these days, replacing them on the ranks of lame Christmas prezzies is toiletries. UNTIL NOW.

These soaps are shaped exactly like their real Nintendo 64 cartridge counterparts, even down to the label. Except, unlike the real thing, they’re designed to be submerged and splashed. But, just like the real thing, they have an energising, zingy citrus scent! No? Nobody else thought the original cartridges smelt like a delicious, zesty lemon grove? Oh.


Sorry, but your present is in another castle!

Couldn’t find ‘the one’ in this list? Damn, your friends are pretty picky. Luckily for you we’ve got loads of other incredible retro gaming gifts over here. Go forth and locate that perfect present, we believe in you!

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