Top 5 Mother's Day Crowdpleasers

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Rose Bath Bombs

It’s a little bit of a cliche, but every mum will appreciate an excuse for a good long soak in the tub - especially with these. These beautiful pastel pink bath bombs are scented with the intoxicating magic of rose wine and packed full of delicate shimmer.

But they’re not style over substance. Mums aren’t about that life. Each one is packed full of ingredients to soothe and nourish her skin as they fizz around. Would it really be mother’s day without smellies?

Sock Yourself Personalised Socks

The venn diagram of women and people with terminally cold feet is a circle. Give your mother figure the gift of cosy toes this year - with a twist! We’ll print you some socks with ANY face you want on it. Just upload your photo and we’ll do the rest.

Seriously, any face. You. Your dad. Your siblings. Your nan. The family dog or cat. Tom Hardy. Idris Elba. Chris Pratt. Gillian Anderson. Ian Beale. We’re not here to judge.

Hot Chocolate Bombes

Can you think of a mum alive who doesn’t enjoy a luxurious cup of hot chocolate laden with gently melting marshmallows? No. Of course not. And if you can, then they’re an anomaly and you can skip this bit. Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t count. And even she probably treats herself to an organic non-gmo reishi mushroom hot cacao with celery garnish now and again.

These Hot Chocolate Bombes will produce the fanciest hot chocolate she’s ever had, even if she’s a very fancy lady. Mainly because this hot chocolate is entirely chocolate, not that sad grey dust you get in a plastic jar at the shops. Mmm… Try not to pinch one for yourself.

Real Wine Gums

Most mums will probably be unbagging a bottle of wine from their offspring on Mother’s Day. Don’t get us wrong, we love wine. But it’s not very imaginative. If your mum is a devotee of the fermented grape, get her some of these Real Wine Gums.

The name pretty much explains all you need to know, but these luxury gummy sweets are real wine flavoured versions of Wine Gums. Think smooth and sophisticated chardonnay, merlot, riesling and rose instead of sickly sweet berry flavours. They’re even suitable for vegans and free from fat, nuts, gelatin, lactose and artificial colourings. Sorted.

DIY Hanging Planter

Y’all young ‘uns may have only recently cottoned onto the whole ‘plant mum’ thing, but your real mum has probably been decking out her space with shrubbery for decades. Pay tribute to the OG queen of green in your life with this crafty little kit.

Inside, she’ll find everything she needs to make her own macramé hanger and concrete planter. Yes, you read that right, she'll be making the pot for the plant herself too! All the materials are in there, from the concrete and moulds to copper paints and cotton string. That’ll keep her busy for a bit. Plant not included, obvs.


Don’t feel like playing it safe this year? Ooh, you rebel. Check out the rest of our Mother’s Day range, we’ve got dozens of gifts for every kind of mum.

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