Top 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Gamer Den Decor

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Gamer den looking a little drab? If you want to win big, you’re going to need the right ambience. The perfect lighting. An environment that makes you feel perfectly at home. Cool sh*t in the background to make you feel like a boss, basically.

No need to go erecting giant green pipes and laying down astroturf, just pop a few of these delightful decorations up and you’ll feel like you’re in another castle in no time.


Spyro the Dragon Cable Guy

Sick of endlessly losing track of your controller? Or maybe you’d just like somewhere neat to put it while it charges. Either way, Spyro is here to keep everything under control.

Keep those ugly wires out of the way and slot your PlayStation or Xbox controller safely into his willing arms to keep it safe and fully charged. After all, there’s nothing worse than sitting down for a sesh only to find you’re out of battery.

Pro tip: Spyro can even charge and hold your mobile phone! What a versatile little dragon.

NES Lamp

Bit dim in the den? Not a fan of harsh natural sunlight? Both of the above? Thought so.

Spare your ceiling light the hard work and plug this retro little devil in. The lampshade is patterned with the iconic World 1-1 of the original Mario Bros. NES game - but the real star of the show is the switch. Turn it on and off with the included old school NES controller.

It looks just like the real thing, only it controls the light instead of Mario. More powerful, when you think about it.

PlayStation Alarm Clock

Losing the entire day to replaying Crash Bandicoot for the 54th time is a bit like waking up from a big nap. You’ve got no idea what time it is, what day it is, or even what country you’re in.

Luckily this snazzy PlayStation controller clock can give you the deets. Well, it can’t tell you what country you’re in. But it does tell you the time and date AND look sick on your shelf. It even has a built-in alarm so you can wake up to it if you fancy a break from your phone’s boring alarm tones.

100 Games Scratch Poster

Nice bare walls. Hardly make you feel at home, do they?! It’s about time you hung something up. Spare yourself a trip to your local art dealership (and several tens of thousands of pounds), we’ve got just the thing.

This giant poster features 100 games - but the beautiful box art is hidden behind foil panels! You’re going to have to play ‘em all to earn the right to scratch the foil off and reveal them. By the end, you’ll have a very sexy poster and an extensive knowledge of every game worth playing. Sounds good to us!

Super Mario Chess

Don’t know how to play chess? Don’t worry about it. You can still justify buying this Super Mario Chess set because it’s a collector’s item and seriously damn cool.

Both chess champions and utter novices alike can appreciate the fine craftsmanship of this bad boy. From the custom moulded vinyl characters to the exquisite keepsafe tin, this set was clearly a real labour of love for the creators. And it’ll look amazing set up on your bookshelf or table.

It’s worth it for the figurines alone to be honest, look at the details on that Bowser piece! Mad.


Not sold on this lot? Check out our other retro gaming bits here or delve into our home department to discover even more ways to upgrade your interiors.

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