Under £10 Gift Ideas - Perfect For Secret Santa

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Sushi Socks - £3.59

These are criminally cheap - less than the price of a real sushi box or similar. And, unlike criminally cheap sushi irl, you don’t have to worry about parasites burrowing into your organs! Cool.

Sparkling Mango Beer - £4.49

The perfect gift for that person you keep promising a pint and a catch up to, but never quite follow through on it. Or someone who just likes delicious exotic beer and could do with a change from their usual Brewdog favourite.

Abusive Sweet Card - £3.99

Feed two birds with one scone with our Abusive Sweet Card - it’s a card and gift all in one! The gift being loads of golden chocolate beans (a bit like Minstrels), hidden beneath a sassy message of HAPPY FUCKING WHATEVER. When we’re finally made unquestioned masters of the universe, we’ll make it a law that all cards should come with sweets.

Christmas Pudding Eye Mask - £4.89

Help them depuff their bloated, knackered face in the post-Christmas-party slump. These nourishing eye masks look just like Christmas puddings and are packed full of brandy and raisins moisturising, skin-soothing ingredients. Definitely better than just sending someone a few slices of cucumber in the post.

Firebox Enamel Pins - £5.99

The enamel pin trend refuses to die and we’re SO okay with that. These lovely little pins are a stunning addition to any jacket, jumper or bag. Take your pick from five different sassy designs - good luck not buying all of them!

Game Boy Heat Change Mug - £4.99

This is one of our coolest heat change mugs: the Game Boy TURNS ON when you add hot water. Okay, so it doesn’t reeeally “turn on”, but the picture on the screen changes. And for less than a fiver, you can’t really complain!

When It’s Been Too Matcha - £4.99

Give them a wellness boost for the new year with this tin of peppermint flavour matcha. It's roughly 10x stronger than regular brewed green tea so it should keep them energetic enough to smash those resolutions. Or they can just bake and cook with it, if they’re not down for a bit of buzz.

Elon’s Musk Air Freshener - £5.99

Hang this little Elon up in your Tesla to imbue the entire car with the heady, masculine scents of real musk, rocket fuel and leather! Also acts as a pleasant daily reminder that if the whole “living on Earth” thing goes tits up, you might be able to get to Mars soon.

Dry Gin Fizz Gummies - £5.99

Can’t write. Eating. These. Too moreish. 250g of the finest gummies. Each one coated in a sugary 'fizz'. Only natural colours and flavourings. So good.

Space Food - £5.99

Ol’ faithful, as far as we’re concerned. Space Food is an exciting, delicious little treat that stimulates conversation AND melts in your mouth. Heavenly, if a little bit mad. Eat them upside down for maximum impact.


We’ve got loads more under £10 stuff here, this article would go on for ages if we wrote about all of them. Go digging for treasure here, you’re bound to find something fab for less than the price of a decent lunch. Just remember to go to 'Sort by' and select 'Price (low - high)' and you're good to go.

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