We Gave 40 People A Gourmet Giftgasm

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Christmas is coming up and no Christmas is complete without a feast, so we invited some of our favourite people along to our Gourmet Giftgasm evening, treating them to an alternative Christmas dinner with all the trimmings they’d never expect.

Journalists and influencers alike filed into the majestic King’s Head in Dalston for a night of exciting surprises, starting with Mythical Spirit cocktails on arrival. Chin chin!

Enough booze for ya?

Personalised prosecco for all the guests. Nice.

The King’s Head is basically a taxidermist’s paradise, no wall free from a studding of characterful animal busts. The perfect location for a Winter’s feast in our humble opinion.

"Mind out behind you, someone's trying to get past and he doesn't look happy!"

Our good pal and controversial comedian Fin Taylor delivered an intimate, close-quarters set packed full of edgy witticisms and fantastic satire. No topic was too delicate to dive into: veganism, gender, Brexit - you name it, he went in on it.

"What do you get if you cross a frog with a toad?"

And then, of course, there was the main event: the feast! But we’ve been over this, you can read all about the relentless waves of deliciousness we threw at them here. We don’t want to write about it again, it’ll only make us start dribbling everywhere.

Pierre the Penis rendered in an exquisite salmon mousse.

The evening was lovely apart from this guy at the head of the table who said he was 'The King' and would only answer to "my liege".

Stuffed blobfish with chorizo, lemon and parmesan, served on a bed of sea vegetables with squid ink gel, pickled cucumber, cauliflower foam and onion ash.

"What is this? A Christmas cracker for ANTS?!"

State of that crackling on top, absolutely majestic.

Even the most ardent sprout hater can get on board with these 24K beauties.

Pigs-in-blankets bao, anyone? Or should that be... pigs-in-bao-lankets?! No, probably not.

The world's first Christmas dinner where taking a dick pic at the dinner table is acceptable.

"Don't worry, babe. It's just salmon mousse!"

"So... do you come here often?"

Oooh here comes the dessert!

Our Unicorn Tears ice sculpture proved to be absolutely captivating...

Cheers everyone!

"You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a turkey."

Feeling like you missed out? You really did! But don’t worry, you might be able to go to the next one! Find out how here.

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