We Need YOUR Ideas! Introducing Our R&D Department

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It’s not easy coming up with the crazy stuff we sell. First there was the shot-glass chess set, but soon we were making the world’s most dangerous chocolate, a REAL Delorean, a floating island, Spreadable spirits, deliberately shit wrapping and much more. Much much more.

But over the years, our main source of inspiration has become you lovely lot. You’re constantly flinging fantastic suggestions our way and it’s about time we listened to you.

We want you to pitch your weirdest and most wonderful product ideas to us. Once a month, we’ll be sending out our feelers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to let you pitch your maddest concepts to us. Of course, we wouldn’t ask you to work for nothing - we’ll pick out favourite idea each month and make it a reality!

If your idea wins, you’ll receive the finished prototype, no matter how crazy it is. Get ready to add ‘Inventor at Firebox’ to your CV.

To prove we’re not just mucking about, here’s a behind the scenes of our first R&D project: The World’s Smallest Christmas Cracker. Shout out to Luke C. Smith for coming up with it.

Despite its dinky proportions, it really snaps to reveal a tiny finger-sized crown and even a characteristically rubbish joke! Way more fun than their giant counterparts.

We may even be contacting Guinness to see if we can get this bad boy certified as a record breaker.

So make sure you're following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be in with a chance of developing your very own Firebox product with us EVERY MONTH!

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