We sent the Love Islanders a load of stuff

  • 1 min read

It’s not easy being on Love Island.

You try having your pursuit of true love scrutinised by the entire nation every night at 9pm - not to mention the sneaky editors picking and choosing which bits to include, taking you from sweetheart to complete f*ckboy with a few clicks.

We figured this year’s islanders deserved a treat for toughing it out.

Especially Amy. So we sent them all their very own Mushions and Personalised Beach Towels, no matter how naughty or nice they were during their run on the show.

Even Michael got one.

We don’t like leaving people out.

Look what fun they had at the wrap party. It’s enough to make you want to apply for Love Island 2020. Note to self: start working on abs.

If you’re a wee bit jel, there’s nothing stopping you making your own Islander Mushions and beach towels - just upload a photo of your favourite and we’ll do the rest. Fancy party not included.

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