You've Never Heard THESE Halloween Tips Before!

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Looking for something to spice up your Halloween this year? Good on you, everyone’s had enough supermarket costumes and bumper bags of Milky Way bars to last a lifetime by now. Here are a few ways to make your Halloween 2019 as unique as you are - no generic plastic skeleton decorations here!

Freak Masks

Since we launched these bad boys, they’ve been popular. Forget drawing some eyeliner whiskers on your cheeks and calling yourself a cat, this is the new easiest costume on the block - and the effect it creates is actually pretty damn creepy.

Simply upload a photo of anyone you like and we’ll print their mug across one of these spooky masks. Stretch it over your head like a bank robber with a pair of tights and you’ll look truly mad. As if you decided to skin Kanye’s face and wear it, but without going to jail and hell.

Disney Villains Face Masks

Is there anything scarier than the state of your skin after a heavy night of drinking, or one too many ‘fun-sized’ packets of sweets? Yes. But a crispy dehydrated face is definitely up there.

This pack of three sheet masks will bring your skin back to life in style. Packed full of nourishing ingredients to make you as pretty as one of the princesses that these baddies tried to kill - but the best bit is that each one is printed with the face of your favourite evil leading ladies so you’ll look exactly like them while they work their magic.

Laziest costume ever or fantastic excuse to stay on the sofa? We’ll let you decide.

Scorpion Vodka

“Ooh, that looks amazing! What are you drinking?” “Thanks! It’s a vodka martini.” “But WHAT is that fascinating garnish?” “Er… an actual scorpion.” Don’t draw attention to it or they’ll all want one.

Make your tipple truly terrifying this Halloween by sloshing a real scorpion in with your favourite drink. Don't worry, it's completely safe to eat. Yes, even the nasty little stinger bit at the end of the tail. This eight-legged beast is actually pretty tasty, imbuing the vodka with sophisticated woody notes. You really couldn’t ask for a more exotic chaser.

Pennywise Icon Light

We’re going to be honest with you - this light is too cute to be scary. It may be modelled on everyone’s favourite creepy ancient evil shape-shifting clown but what an adorable ancient evil shape-shifting clown he is! Turn him on for the perfect ambient lighting for apple bobbing, scary movie marathons or just getting ready to be the most terrifyingly-dressed person in the club.

We wanted to suggest you get your hands on this seriously spooky red balloon lamp instead but it’s not going to be back in stock until after Halloween. Bit of a bummer, but at least you’ll be able to get your hands on it in time for a seriously spooky Christmas.

Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate

A burning sensation in your mouth that slowly gets more and more painful until you’re writhing on the ground in agony, begging your be-costumed mates to pour some milk into your mouth. They faff around too long choosing between oat milk and UHT so you scramble to your feet and end up deepthroating the running bathroom faucet in an attempt to put out the feeling of fire in your face. Pretty scary, right?

This chocolate doesn’t mess about. A far cry from the other, tamer chilli chocolates on the market, each square of Instant Regret is infused with a 6.4 million Scoville chilli extract to really scorch your innards. While sampling a nibble would be a fab dare at a Halloween party, be sure not to give it to people without warning them. This stuff is POTENT. It probably shouldn’t even be legal.

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