Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents Party Game

Mangled masterpieces

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Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents Party Game
Key Features:
  • Transform mindless lines and squiggles into ART
  • Win the votes of your fellow “art critics” to win
  • Makes Pictionary look exceedingly boring and pretentious
  • Channel your inner Bob Ross to ensure victory
More Info: Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents Party Game
Everyone’s favourite fuzzy-headed paint-slinger, Bob Ross once said: “We don’t make mistakes…just happy little accidents.”

He was only half-right, because not buying this game definitely wouldn’t be a happy little accident. This isn’t some pretentious Pictionary clone, this is a proper party game where players transform careless squiggles and abstract shapes into charming pieces of ‘art’.

The game begins with each player scrawling a series of half-assed lines on pieces of paper, these are then placed face down and shuffled. A word card is drawn (e.g. mushroom, president etc.) then everyone has 30 seconds to turn a doodle into something vaguely resembling the word.

Win the votes of your fellow art critics to win!
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Unpretentious party game where players turn scribbles into artistic masterpieces
  • 3-6 players, Ages 10+
  • Gameplay lasts around 15 minutes
  • Includes plenty of pencils and paper
  • Measures approximately 22.5cm(W) x 22.5cm(H) x 6cm(D)
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