Central Perk Neon Light

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Central Perk Neon Light
Key Features:
  • Turn your home into Central Perk
  • Feel almost as cool as the FRIENDS friends
  • Suitable for purple painted penthouse apartments and beyond
  • USB powered!
  • Pretend you’re in NYC rather than Basildon
More Info: Central Perk Neon Light
You may not be able to visit the actual Central Perk and hang out with the friends from FRIENDS, but that can’t stop you trying to recreate it in your own home.

Step one: Get the paint and plaster off the walls so you have a nice New York City exposed brick vibe going on. While the place is a mess, gut your kitchen and replace it with a new café one, complete with a big shiny copper coffee machine and working cash register. This step will probably set you back a bit so you might need to remortgage your flat or go into lots of debt if you’re not fortunate enough to own a penthouse at the age of 25.

Step two: Acquire a brown velvet chesterfield sofa with matching armchairs. Make sure you’ve got a nice ornate Turkish rug to sit them on. And maybe an antique oak coffee table if you can get your hands on one.

Step three: Wait for a group of cool twenty-somethings with seemingly endless time on their hands to sit around quaffing coffee in the middle of the day to take a shine to your new set up. Eventually one of their old school friends will jilt her husband and be in desperate need for employment. Hire her as a waitress.

Or you could just put up this sign and stick the kettle on.
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • This is a neon effect light, not actually the super-breakable real neon stuff
Product features:
  • Neon is never not cool
  • In other words, it’s ALWAYS cool
  • Powered by the included USB cable
  • Measures approximately 20cm (H) x 38cm (W) x 5cm (D)
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