Chess For Three

Because two player chess is for the weak.

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Key Features:
  • Chess board that can accommodate three players at once.
  • The same rules as regular chess but with added trajectory lines to maintain functional gameplay.
  • Check-mate two people at once to become the undisputed king of board games.
  • Warning: excessive gameplay could cause your brain to implode.
More Info: Chess For Three

If regular two-player chess is leaving you bored and unfulfilled, you need a three-way. Take your strategy skill to the next level with Chess for Three!

Product Details:
  • Chess for three
  • Contains chess board and 48 chess pieces (in 3 colours: white, black, grey)
  • All the usual chess rules apply - but there are some additional rules for 3-player "army moves" on a round board
  • There are progression lines on the board to make diagonal moves with your chess pieces
  • If the running path allows it, it would be possible to make a diagonal move from the outer rows of the board through the middle and back again from there
  • The added third player brings an infinite amount of complexity to the game - you will always be fighting on 2 fronts, never knowing who to trust or how the game will go
  • Due to the round chessboard, players can easily "sneak up" from behind, as the diagonal movement allows you to move around the board
  • You can be checkmated by 2 players or even checkmate 2 people
  • Material: plastic, cardboard
  • Instructions (German, English, French, Dutch)
  • Diameter chessboard approx. 55 cm; packaging approx. 56 x 28.5 x 6 cm
  • Total weight approx. 1.3 kg
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