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Yup, it's that time of year again. The Pogues are getting an exhausting amount of radio play and a general whiff of mulled wine hangs in the air. Instead of the usual twee festive rubbish, our range of Christmas gifts is full of exciting ideas. We love it so much that we’ve also created Christmas gift ideas by ourselves. Even if you’re coming back from previous Christmas (cheers if you are), you’ll still find amazing and new exciting stuff here to defend your title of Christmas gift superhero from last year. Whether you want to find something for your friends, colleagues or family, we’ve got great ideas of Christmas gifts for her, cool Christmas gifts for men and, our speciality, the unusual Christmas gifts. All the perfect treats for your loved ones are here, at Firebox.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

Aaaah, it’s finally Christmas. The songs, the joy, the spirit and, obviously, the Christmas gifts! This is the pinnacle of gifting occasions and arguably the reason why we exist. Christmas is when gifts are no longer just a treat, but an essential part of your Christmas list. They can also cause different reactions and tell everybody know what kind of gift giver you are, so you definitely don’t want to make poor choices at this point. Relax though. As we said, Christmas presents are arguably what we live for, so we’ve prepared this curated range which you can’t go wrong with, when it comes to Christmas gift ideas. Finding good Christmas gifts is very easy around here - so simple you’ll be surprised how quick you sorted your Christmas shopping out that you’ll have more time left to actually be with your loved ones, or put up the Christmas decorations (we have those here, by the way). You’re welcome.

When is the best time to buy Christmas presents?

With time flying by and trends starting earlier every year, don’t be surprised if you start to see your neighbours putting up their Christmas lights in September. OK maybe a bit too much there, but the recipe for a successful timing when buying a Christmas present has only two ingredients: 1) don’t fall into the pressure and give it time for the holiday spirit to build up, but 2) don’t wait for too long so everybody else will empty the shelves. November is usually a good time. That means the best Christmas gifts will still be available, you won’t have to hold them for too long and, most importantly, give delivery teams plenty of time to get the gifts to you. In addition to that, November is usually the month when significant promotions roll out. Bear in mind, however, that cheap Christmas gifts won’t always do the job - fair prices are definitely interesting but gifts for Christmas have to be heartfelt, above all else. Long story short, you’ll be OK as long as you don’t leave it at the last minute, and end up getting something you dare to call a Christmas gift from the petrol station, on your way to the Christmas party.

Christmas present ideas for everyone

Thinking about that mate who’s particularly tough to buy a gift for? Your problems are over. We have Xmas gifts for everyone. Even if it’s that simple for you to search for Christmas gifts for her or Christmas gifts for men, these ideas for Christmas presentscan go way beyond that, and connect with your giftee on many different levels. Here we’ve got games, home decorations, booze and techy stuff. It’s virtually impossible not to find something that goes beyond Christmas ideas, to become actual Xmas presents they’ll never forget. And if your Christmas list of recipients is that long, we’ve made your search easier by grouping the best Christmas gifts for the people around you, like your mum and dad, boyfriend or girlfriend. Whoever you need to gift, their tastes and interests, this place is buzzing with amazing ideas for Christmas presents for everyone, so get your pen and paper ready, prepare that Christmas list of people you need to buy a Christmas gift for and get cracking. Because the same way your Christmas list will have every person in one place, Firebox is one only place where you’ll find the best Christmas gifts for them. Boom! That’s Christmas shopping sorted.

Unusual Christmas gifts you’ll love

Firebox is the best place to find a Christmas gift. And if you’re looking for unusual Christmas gifts, then Firebox is the only place! After all, this is what Christmas is all about, right? You surely want to get them unique Christmas gifts, ideally something that will get them thinking about you until next Christmas, or funny Christmas gifts to make the occasion a Christmas story to be told for years to come. Such Xmas gift ideasgo from controversial party games you can play on your Christmas party (ideally after grandma and children went to sleep), to abusive wine and spirits. Love or hate, they certainly won’t forget about you. In case you’re looking for a big surprise, our trademark Mystery Boxes are the best fit, as they can become Christmas gift boxes that not even you know what’s inside. And if you want to make it really unique, don’t forget you can always personalise something with a face or text that’ll make it really special. If you want cool Christmas gifts, you’ve come to the right place.

What to get for Christmas?

All things considered, Christmas can be a stressful time as well. Just think about it - somebody needs to be in charge of the party, decorations, food… and if that person is you, we’re sorry but there’ll be very little time left to find the perfect Xmas present ideas. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared the best things to get for Christmas, in terms of gifting! If you’re asking yourself “what to get for Christmas?”, if you’re on this website, the answer is: anything. From unusual Christmas gifts to DIY kits you can give as homemade Christmas gifts, we have special Christmas present ideas you can buy with your eyes closed. Not literally, but the point here is that we know it may take a lot of time to find the perfect gift, that’s why our selection covers the most different types of presents, for the most different kinds of people. Whether your giftee is a bit of a nerd, a wannabe chef or a pub quiz lover, the Christmas presents you need are just a click away. Finally, if you’re really struggling for ideas, just ask yourself “what do I want for Christmas?” and start with Christmas gift ideas that would make you happy. Hopefully you and your lucky recipient are very much alike and with the last of the Christmas tasks from the list out of the way, you can finally enjoy a merry little Christmas.

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