Personalised Photo Gifts

With a huge collection of personalised photo gifts, we’ve got something to suit even the fussiest of friends. The most mundane item can be transformed into a funny and heartfelt gift simply by slapping a photo on it, from socks and blankets to the wrapping paper itself. But if you’re looking for a photo gift that’s a bit more unusual, then check out our personalised photo car air-fresheners or our hilarious suitcase covers. Depending on what kind of photo you choose, your gift can be funny, romantic or thoughtful, but whatever it is, we can guarantee that it won’t be boring.
Personalised Photo Beer Stein Out of stock - back soon!
Personalised Beer Stein Out of stock - back soon!
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Personalised Photo and Text Keyring Out of stock - back soon!

Personalised Photo Gifts

You’ve decided you want to put yours, or somebody else’s face on a gift? Go ahead and knock yourself out. Our personalised photo gifts can help you express anything you want. You can make saying “sit on my face” not that weird by personalising a cushion with your face. And who said these photo gifts can’t be useful? We also have suitcase covers you can put a very particular face on, and feel extra safe next time you’re claiming your baggage. Want some personalised photo giftsfor your best friends to remind them of you next time you’re spending some time apart? Personalise a pillow case with your picture and make sure you spend every night together. We’re only scratching the surface here. If you want to make it more interesting and go for unusual photo gifts, their face on a mankini doll is a great place to start. Also your, your mate’s, or your boss’s face on a golf ball. We’re not here to judge.


This unique Firebox creation proved so popular that we’ve branched out into a whole range of the personalised photo cushions. Rather than print a bunch of pics of your face on a cushion cover, with mushions you become the cushion. You can go for the classic mushion, two sided mushion, monster mushion or a pet mushion. For another brilliant photo gift idea we also offer mini me cushion dolls which cushionify your whole body based on different themes including beer belly, superhero, pet lover, stag and hen parties and much more. Scroll our collection for the comfiest personalised photo gift around.


If you like to take your personalised photo gifts seriously, then we’ve got some doozies. Immortalise your pet with our glorious ‘Pet Pawtraits’ or choose a deck chair that is so obviously personal, it will never be nicked off the beach. If you’re just looking for a stocking filler with a twist then we’ve got unique personalised photo gifts for a smaller budget, including notebooks, mugs, air freshers and socks. Alternatively, you can wrap any gift in our personalised photo wrapping paper to give it that extra wow-factor. They say it’s the thought that counts, and choosing a gift that is truly unique to your favourite person is as thoughtful as it gets.

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