Crystal Ball Gin

Shake up your future
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Crystal Ball Gin
Key Features:
  • See how your fortune unfolds with this magical gourmet gin
  • Presented in a unique crystal ball-shaped bottle
  • Striking purple colour and glittery appearance
  • A delicately sweet and floral blend with notes of cherry and elderberry
  • Light-up bottle illuminates the shimmering spirit within
  • We see an epic cocktail party and a mild hangover in your future
More Info: Crystal Ball Gin
What mysteries lie ahead in 2022 and beyond?

Take your future into your own hands with our new Crystal Ball Gin. Just give the bottle a gentle swirl and as you lose yourself in the glistening, shimmering spirit... all will be revealed.

Proudly distilled in England, this enigmatic potion perfectly blends together notes of cherry and hibiscus for a delicately sweet and floral palette. While subtle hints of elderberry introduce a tart balance and endow the gin with its striking purple hue.

But that's not all – at the touch of a button, a light concealed within the base of the orb-shaped bottle illuminates the spirit to create a mystical glittery glow. Suffice to say, it's an otherworldly drinking experience and it deserves to be front and centre in your drinks cabinet - or at least in a prominent space to catch the eye of curious passers-by.

It's the perfect gift for gin connoisseurs, budding psychics, or anyone who's into fortune-telling and what mysteries the future may hold.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Magical gourmet gin encased in a glowing, crystal ball-shaped bottle
  • A botanical bouquet bursting with sweet cherry, floral hibiscus and tart elderberry. Carefully selected and expertly blended to create acrescendo of flavour ideal for cocktails or with tonic.
  • An interactive and mystical drinking experience
  • Illuminating bottle lights up the shimmery liquid inside (click button on the base)
  • 37.5% ABV
  • 70cl bottle
  • Detailed and foil-embellished gift box
  • Proudly distilled in England
  • Measures approximately 13.4cm(W) x 17.4cm(H) x 13.4cm(D)
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Based on 1 reviews
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Nice bottle, tasy gin, 2 thumbs up but may be a bit sweet for some
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