Danger Bingo


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Danger Bingo
Key Features:
  • The bingo game where the more you win, the more you lose
  • Classic bingo calls have been turned into hilarious forfeits
  • You'll be dancing like a queen on 17, cleaning the floor on 54
  • Just make sure you don't get BINGO!
  • Includes bingo ball machine, check board, cards and tokens
More Info: Danger Bingo
Danger Bingo. Much like regular bingo... only dangerous.

Curious? You should be.

Imagine the classic format – a room full of fun-loving people, each with their own bingo card, a lively caller wielding a rotating bingo ball machine. Now this is where it gets interesting. The timeless bingo calls have all been updated *gasp* with a series of outlandish forfeits!

Forfeits such as...

  • 10 - Prime Minister's Den! Put on a posh accent for the next two rounds
  • 21 - Key of the Door! You must leave the room and beg the caller to let you back in
  • 42 - Winnie the Pooh! Act out going to the toilet
  • 55 - Snakes Alive! You can only communicate with hissing noises for the next two rounds
You better hope you don't get BINGO or you'll unlock a whole world of even more ludicrous penalties!
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • A cheeky twist on the classic game of Bingo, packed with fun forfeits
  • Includes caged bingo ball machine, cards, tokens, check board
  • Unlock extra dares if you're lucky enough to get BINGO
  • Measures approximately 21.4cm(W) x 21.4cm(H) x 21.4cm(D)
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