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Paint By Stickers
Key Features:
  • Stickering is the new colouring in!
  • Create your own striking geometric artwork, one sticker at a time
  • No art materials required, just patience and a steady hand
  • Each set comes with twelve masterpieces for you to bring to life
  • Incredibly satisfying to make and the finished artwork looks sensational
More Info: Paint By Stickers
Stay inside the lines! Oh, hang on. That's something else. This is Paint By Stickers – the easy and exciting way to create your own picture-perfect masterpieces.

The images are split into 100 spaces, each with a number and a corresponding sticker. Simply find the sticker, peel it off, place it in the right space, aaand repeat. Within no time you'll be staring proudly at your very own striking geometric creation.

There are four sets to choose from:

  • Masterpieces – reproduce twelve iconic works of including the Mona Lisa and The Great Wave off Kanagawa
  • Cats – bring twelve cheeky feline portraits to life
  • Dogs – create twelve perfect pooches
  • Music Icons – recreate twelve classic music photographs including Bowie, Beyoncé and The Beatles
The pieces are extremely therapeutic and satisfying to create and the end result looks sensational. Best of all, each page is die-cut so you can easily pop-out and frame your handiwork.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Create striking geometric artwork, one sticker at a time!
  • Each set contains 12 pieces of art to bring to life
  • Pictures are split into 100 numbered panels for you to sticker
  • Effortless to create and the resultant pieces look amazing
  • Die-cut so you can pop-out and frame your masterpieces
  • Book measures approximately 23.5cm(W) x 32cm(H) x 1cm(D)
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