Four-Legged Terracotta Flower Pot

Happy little houseplants.
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Four-Legged Terracotta Flower Pot
Key Features:
  • Quirky and cute terracotta flower pot.
  • Comes in a choice of two sizes: large or small.
  • Cheers up any room or garden space.
  • Great gift for your favourite gardening fan.
  • Makes it less awkward to talk to your plants.
More Info: Four-Legged Terracotta Flower Pot

This Four-Legged Terracotta Flower Pot transforms your standard house plant into a cheeky chappy, bursting with potty personality.

Product Details:
  • Leggy Terracotta Flowerpot
  • Contains 1 flower pot of the chosen variant
  • Ideal addition to your plant collection
  • Material: Terracotta
  • Dimensions Leggy (large) approx. 15.5 cm high, diameter approx. 12 cm; feet approx. 2.5 cm high, diameter approx. 1.5 cm; Little Leggy (small) approx. 10 cm high, diameter approx. 8 cm; feet approx. 1.5 cm high, diameter approx. 1 cm
  • Dimensions packaging Leggy (large) approx. 12.5 x 12.5 x 16.5 cm
  • Weight Leggy (large) approx. 650 grams; Little Leggy (small) approx. 230 grams
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