Friends Ultimate Trivia Quiz

The one with really tough questions!

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Key Features:
  • Call yourself a Friends super-fan? We'll see about that!
More Info: Friends Ultimate Trivia Quiz
So you think you're a Friends super-fan, eh? You might have binge-watched the entire show twenty times, you may even have matching 'chick' and 'duckling' tattoos with your best mate – but now it's time to put your Friends geekery to the ultimate test!

Can you name all three of Ross' wives? Do you remember where Monica and Chandler first got together? What book did Joey buy Ross and Monica's parents for their wedding anniversary?

The aptly-named Friends Ultimate Trivia Quiz features 2000(!!!) head-scratching questions covering all 236 episodes of Friends, so we hope you were paying attention! Grab your closest and geekiest friends and separate the smelly cats from the lobsters. Or something. See, we'd be hopeless!
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • As the name suggests - this really is the ultimate Friends Trivia Quiz
  • Covers all 236 episodes across 10 seasons
  • 2000 questions!
  • Includes 400 double-sided cards question cards and a category spinner
  • The perfect gift for fans of the Friends!
  • Officially licensed Friends memorabilia
  • Measures approximately 31cm(W) x 24cm(H) x 6cm(D)
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