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OK Play
Key Features:
  • Finally a game that takes mere seconds to explain
  • The ultimate travel tile game
  • Like connect 4... only it's connect 5 and way more addictive
  • Stacks up and attaches to a handy carabina – take it anywhere
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The problem with most games is that the rules are overcomplicated and you've got to try and explain them to a bunch of blank-faced mates.

OK Play is the antidote to stuffy boardgames and is exactly as simple as it sounds. It's essentially connect 4... only you connect five... and it's for 2-4 players... and it's infinitely more fun.

Just glance up at the image on this page – Green was victorious. Pink had something good going on until Orange snuffed them out. Blue should be ashamed of themselves. Know how to play? Yes you do.

The whole game stacks up neatly and attaches to a carabina, so not only is it the easiest game to learn but it's also effortless to carry with you.

Product Details:
  • Finally a game that you can explain in seconds
  • Just pick your favourite colour and get ready to block, sneak and reposition your way to victory
  • The first player to successfully sneak a diagonal or straight line of 5 is the winner
  • Attached to a carabina so it's the perfect travel game – clip it on your bag and take it anywhere


  • Measures approximately 5cm(W) x 22.5cm(H) x 7cm(D)
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