Pooping Elf

Crappy Christmas!

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Pooping Elf
Key Features:
  • This enchanted little chap has seriously magical bowels
  • He poops on command!
  • Just press his arm and watch elf poop tumble out of his butt
  • It turns out elf poop tastes delicious! (They're brown jelly beans)
  • Twist off his head to refill him with yummy treats
More Info: Pooping Elf
This little festive fella has a wonderful Christmas party trick he'd like to share.

As his notorious nickname suggests, the Pooping Elf can empty his magical bowels on command! The trick requires some gentle encouragement, so just give his arm a light press and then watch in horror wonder as immaculate brown jelly beans tumble out of his butt. It truly is a sight to behold – and the enchanted elf poop tastes delicious, too!

For his next party piece, the Pooping Elf twists off his own head so you can re-fill him with all sorts of yummy treats!

Please Note: If the elf starts spontaneously pooping out strawberry laces, please give our customer services a call because he needs urgent medical intention.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Magical elf that poops out brown jelly beans
  • Comes with a little bag of fresh elf poop!
  • Press his arm to dispense a tasty elven treat
  • Twist off his head to re-fill him with candy
  • Ideal to use as an Elf on the toilet Shelf or a stocking filler
  • Measures approximately 14cm(W) x 16cm(H) x 5cm(D)
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