Post-Poo Toilet Bombs

Drop it when you plop it.
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Post-Poo Toilet Bombs
Key Features:
  • 10 toilet bombs with a fruity orange fragrance.
  • Simply drop one in the bowl after you’ve done your business.
  • Stop obliterating your entire family with your post-poo poison cloud.
  • Pocket-sized bombs for stench-busting on the go.
  • Great gift for known stinkers.
More Info: Post-Poo Toilet Bombs

These genius Post-Poo Toilet Bombs will save a few blushes the next time you need to send a sausage to the seaside. Simply unload your timber, flush, then pop a bomb or two in the toilet bowl. The fresh, fruity orange scent eliminates offensive odours so you can waltz out of the toilet guilt-free.


If you’re a serial stinker, you can pop a couple in your pocket for those awkward restaurant/bar/gym moments when you’ve got a brown trout to liberate and there’s someone behind you in the queue. Post-Poo Toilet Bombs also make the perfect gift for those known stinkers who think that saying “I wouldn’t go in there for a while” is enough to justify wilting all the flowers within a 50 metre radius.

Product Details:
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruel-T free
  • Tea inspired beauty
  • 10 x 20g
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Based on 1 reviews
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Great product but Lloyd's Pharmacy sell them for 3.99 - 8.99 is a rip-off Firebox!
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