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Puzzle Pod Gift Cryptex

Only the worthy find the grail

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Only 36 left

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Key Features:
  • Next level gifting creativity
  • Kind of like the one from the ‘Da Vinci Code’ but stores a gift
  • Opens with a password
  • Can be used again, just reset it and re-gift it!
More Info: Puzzle Pod Gift Cryptex

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Robert Langdon? Perhaps you think Dan Brown could have written a much better riddle (we do). Then why not invent your own cryptic code and make your next gift devilishly difficult to unlock.  

Just choose a secret word and follow the simple instructions and you’ll be able to turn gift giving or office parties into a Da Vinci Code themed event no one will soon forget, even if they desperately want to. Change the secret code as many times as you like; the five tumblers, each having a 26 letter alphabet, provide you with just under 12 million code possibilities.

This will give you plenty of scope to come up with something a little more complex than A-P-P-L-E…

Product Details:
  • Puzzle Pod Gifts Cryptex
  • Before getting to the content, the code must be cracked
  • Code can be set to any 5-letter word (approx. 11 million possibilities)
  • The code can be changed over and over again
  • Ideal to give money, jewellery, tickets, toys, sweets.... to give away
  • Can also be used as a piggy bank
  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Diameter opening approx. 7 cm, depth approx. 19.5 cm
  • Total dimensions approx. 22 cm high; diameter approx. 11.5 cm at the bottom, approx. 9 cm at the top
  • Weight approx. 345 gram
  • Instruction English
  • Content not included
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