Social Distancing Zapper

ZAP! And the idiots are gone!
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Social Distancing Zapper
Key Features:
  • Banish space invaders with a cheeky 4.5 volt zap
  • No more glaring from behind your face mask, just ZAP!
  • Fits in a pocket, extends up to six feet (including your arm)
  • A 'New Normal' essential – make social distancing fun!
More Info: Social Distancing Zapper
Some people don't seem to understand what two metres looks like. Some people need to be shown with markings on the floor. Some people just need to be lightly electrocuted.

If your forehead aches from glaring angrily from behind your face mask – you need the Social Distancing Zapper!

This pocket telescopic tool extends to six feet (including your arm) and administers a cheeky 4.5 volt zap to any moron foolish enough to venture into your personal space.

No need to get into a pointless debate about COVID-19 with a total stranger – just ZAP!
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • Not to be used by children under 14, or adults with underlying medical conditions!
  • Uses 3x LR44 batteries, included!
Product Features:
  • Make sure people keep their distance
  • Delivers a 4.5 volt zap at the touch of a button
  • Telescopic – extends to 65cm
  • Lovely rubber grip
  • The perfect gift for germophobes
  • 18cm unextended. 65cm extended
Customer Reviews
Based on 3 reviews
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I want one just to annoy people and neighbour's pissing cat!
Works a treat, especially on the more tender spots, like the inside of your arms, neck or near joints, like on your wrist. If you want to zap someone lightly, best do it on the outside of the forearm, where the skin is thicker. Zapping those tender bits could get you into rather a pickle.
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