Space Dust Bath Rocks

Floating in outta space

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Space Dust Bath Rocks
Key Features:
  • Escape to a more relaxing galaxy!
  • Transform your tub into a colourful swirling supernova
  • Mini asteroids fizz and whizz around the bathwater
  • Twinkling with glittery starlight as they go
  • Bask in the sweet celestial raspberry scent
More Info: Space Dust Bath Rocks
It's time to step into your space capsule (yes, we mean your bath tub) and take a relaxing journey across the cosmos.

On our voyage we'll encounter an asteroid field, packed with floating purple rocks that sizzle and fizzle as they pass by, releasing all sorts of bright colours and sweet celestial scents.

Eventually we'll come to rest in a steamy swirling supernova, glittering with starlight. Once here you can relax and unwind, but for now just lay back and enjoy the ride.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Transform your bath into a swirling glittery galaxy
  • Contains 250g of space dust bath rocks
  • Raspberry scented - because everyone knows the universe smells of raspberries!
  • Measures approximately 12cm(W) x 20cm(H) x 3cm(D)
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